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Articles by Finn McQueen

These New Puritans – Inside The Rose

Unhurried art-rockers break a long creative silence with a mysterious, graceful and strikingly good album.

Blood Red Shoes – Get Tragic

This is a fun album from a fun band, and festival line-ups are the better for Blood Red Shoes staying in the business. But, more deeply, Get Tragic is somewhat lacking in character.

Boy Harsher – Closer

Boy Harsher walk a precarious tightrope between alluring and eerie on their second full-length, with strong, sinister results.

James Blake – Assume Form

James Blake remains easier to admire than to love, but his fourth album is a sweet, romantic record produced with a lightness of touch.

Wu-Lu • Audiobooks • Black Country New Road • Sistertalk – Old Blue Last, London

Musical notes from the underground emerge on a night of new artists that unearths some previously-buried gems. . .

Tallies – Tallies

Toronto dream-pop four-piece Tallies craft a debut which is engaging in parts and frustratingly familiar in others.

Selling – On Reflection

Two marvels of techno unite for a record that’s not quite of the sum of its parts.

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