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Ginger, Scottish, CD collector. Love post-metal, post-rock, post-hardcore, post….and world peace.

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Paul Phillips of True Spilt Milk Designs

True Spilt Milk Designs has been ever present in the UK heavy scene over the years with some stunning designs. Gary Davidson sat down with award winning artists and designer Paul Phillips to talk through his creative process, self-employment and the impact of AI.

Partholón – The Ocean Pours In

If you miss Neurosis then you will do more than just satisfy the itch here.

Sumac – The Healer

In places this is a tough chew but ultimately it is rewarding for patience and understanding of the magnitude of accomplishment here.

Pijn – From Low Beams Of Hope

One of the finest examples of organic and original heavy post-rock I have heard in quite some time.

Earthtone9 – In Resonance Nexus

To be 26 odd years into a career and adding an album this good to a stacked back catalogue is utterly ridiculous. Why are they not huge?

Nordic Giants – Origins

This is another collection of breathtaking, unique tracks from a truly special band.

Julie Christmas – Ridiculous And Full Of Blood

Post-metal’s most vital and unique voice delivers a flawless second album that will be a favourite for decades to come.

Urzah – The Scorching Gaze

Earthtone9 has just lost its UK metal crown, it will have to better The Scorching Gaze to try and win it back!

Winter At Sea – Unfound

This mix of minimalist post-rock and neo-classical is best enjoyed when you stop the world and sink into the music. A stunning release which will richly reward the sacrifice of time.

Ba’al – Soft Eyes

One of the finest post-black metal bands in the UK continues to deliver with a devastatingly cohesive and diverse EP.

Gavran / Svjetlost – Ocean of Silence

Two tracks in 22 minutes covering brilliant post-metal and doom shows there is a bountiful future in front of both bands.

BIG|BRAVE – A Chaos Of Flowers

Big|Brave steps into new depths of weight and heaviness with great success and whatever they choose to do next, the evidence suggests they will master that too.

Glassing – From The Other Side Of The Mirror

If blackened post-hardcore is your thing then this may very well be your album of the year!

Vnder A Crvmbling Moon – II: Aging & Formless

II: Aging & Formless is a tremendous post-metal release and it doesn’t even feel like the band has hit its peak yet.

Sons of Alpha Centauri – Pull

Take the best of 90’s Sacramento emo and mix it with the finest in stoner rock and you get close to what Sons of Alpha Centauri has achieved again.

Mastiff – Deprecipice

Mastiff has made one of the grimmest albums of recent times, a dense sludgy atmosphere of hopelessness and pain and it is absolutely glorious.

Kollapse – AR

The third album from the Danish trio continues with a tremendous mix of noise, sludge and post-metal which is heavy, punishing, awkward and beautiful.

Midas Fall – Cold Waves Divide Us

The spectacular post-rock of Cold Waves Divides Us is going to be a truly special release this year and amongst the band’s output thus far.

Fall of Leviathan – In Waves

Beautifully textured instrumental, nautical post-rock which richly rewards greater attention when listening.

Hand of Kalliach – Corryvreckan

Corryvreckan is tremendous, it is folk without being twee, metal without being generic and has an appeal even beyond those genres.

Joe Clayton from Pijn, Curse These Metal Hands, No Studio and Floodlit Recordings (+ Exclusive Live Video Premiere)

Gary Davidson caught up with Joe Clayton to hear all about Pijn, No Studio and Floodlit Recordings and the triumphant Curse These Metal Hands 2023 Arctangent set.

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