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Articles by Jack Mckeever

Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction

Though there are moments where the bludgeoning, slightly technical assault does slightly fade on the ears due to a slight loss of punch, ‘The Anthropocene Extinction’ is a guttural, vitriolic but exceptionally crafted piece of work that makes for an intense, certainly laudable listening experience. – By Jack Mckeever

Fox Millions Duo – Lost Time

Ultimately, Lost Time is an album for music fans who like to be tested, and in some instances, punished. It bares honourable, mostly blood-pumping and exciting fruits for those who seek them. By Jack Mckeever

Fucked Up – Year of the Hare

It’s the kind of release that will appeal to fans who are in deep rather than those who want to know where to start, but the magnificent title track could be considered pandering to both those crowds. – By Jack Mckeever

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