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Årabrot • Jaye Jayle • Karin Park – Downstairs at The Dome

Now is a very good time indeed to go and see Årabrot!

Mari Boine

Joe Norman had the pleasure of speaking with Norwegian Sámi singer Mari Boine ahead of the release of her sixteenth album Amame on By Norse Music and her forthcoming Norwegian tour.

Kjetil and Karin from Årabrot

Joe Norman spoke with Kjetil Nernes and Karin Park from Årabrot as they gear up for the release of their tenth album and their forthcoming European tour. Zooming in from the beautiful, deconsecrated church that they call their studio and home, Kjetil and Karin were clearly enthused about the forthcoming release of Of Darkness and Light and excited about getting back on the road.

GWAR – O2 Academy Islington, London

A GWAR show is indeed a hugely fun metal party, in the most ridiculous, theatrical manner. But it would fall seriously flat if they couldn’t smash through new tracks like ‘Berserker Mode’, cementing their creds as a bone fide 80’s thrash band.

Blöthar the Berserker from GWAR

Echoes and Dust spoke to Blöthar the Berserker from GWAR about the band’s latest album and graphic novel, the British Royal Family, masturbating with Artificial Intelligence, burning buttholes, and the future of GWAR and of humanity itself.

Revocation, Goatwhore, Alluvial, Creeping Death – The Dome, London

Everything about Revocation is delivered with a phenomenal precision and passion, which – especially with such a strong tour package behind them – places them amongst the finest names in progressive and technical death metal.  

Festival Review: Roadburn Festival 2022

Joseph Norman and Emma Filtness went to Roadburn Festival this year. Read their very detailed thoughts and review of this year’s festival edition.

Festival Preview: Roadburn Festival 2022

Our London-based writer Joe Norman will cover Roadburn Festival for Echoes and Dust this year. So, read his preview to get the excitement going, or to check out some of Joe’s recommendations.

Cradle of Filth – The Infernal Vernal Equinox Deadstream

While, clearly, we all hope the world stays healthy enough for live shows to continue, I do also hope that Cradle and other bands keep doing live-streams. I was lucky to catch Cradle live out in the Real at London’s Roundhouse last year, but am still happy to pay to tune in from my sofa. As Dani explains, “If this goes well, we’ll carry on with this trend and do other albums in their entirety as well.” And whether it’s live on stage or live on stream, I’m sure legions of Cradle fans will jump at the opportunity.

Sons of Kemet – Roundhouse, Camden

A whirling, feverish explosion of colour, rhythm, dazzling musicianship, glorious fun, melodic sincerity, and an utter celebration of what it means to be alive. Life-affirming is too pedestrian a phrase. Spirit-affirming, however, is an adjective made for Sons of Kemet…

Live Stream Review: Enslaved – The Other Worldly Big Band Experience

This is clearly Enslaved’s most involved stream to date. The studio looks enormous, with huge projections stretching up high above the band, unfurling beautiful kaleidoscopics. . . it’s Enslaved goes art-house in the best possible way.

Emperor Livestream – A Night of Emperial Wrath

For those fans down on the ground in Telemark… damn, what an experience it must have been.  For those others like me, tuning in from the comfort of home, it… provided yet further insight into the timeless complexity and grandiosity of their classic recordings, and demonstrated that – thirty years down the line – Emperor remain as unique and relevant as ever. 

Cradle of Filth – Dracula Spectacular Livestream

This Dracula Spectacular, filmed in Colchester, was delayed from January – yes even streams get delayed in 2021… After two hours, I could happily watch another hour of this – even if they exhausted their stash of music-vid visuals – and would have liked a new track premiere, but I still feel well and truly satisfied…

Festival Review: Roadburn Redux – Part 2

Part 2 of our Roadburn Redux coverage. “Even online, Roadburn really is like no other festival: diverse, innovative music whose heaviness always cuts deep.”

Wardruna – First Flight of the White Raven

First Flight of the White Raven is a success, as long as you judge it fairly. If you’re a Wardruna fan, and the band release this show for purchase then you’ll want to buy it. . . For those who tuned in, it was Wardruna alive, bursting with energy and splendour, if not live with the full capacity for majesty that that experience entails. The white raven itself is prophetic, as Einar explained: a symbol of hope – and that’s something we all need now, more than ever.

VOID – The Hollow Man

This heady mix is gloriously strung together into a deeply impressive and coherent concept album of the very best kind, told in VOID’s signature language of brutal and unpredictable riffs. Here, that style is expanded by their most eclectic range of genres to date, the fullest, richest production of their oeuvre, and all wrapped up in the enigmatic and eye-catching artwork of Metastazis. Pulling off their grandiose ambition with panache, this is VOID’s best work yet, and one that demands obsessive replaying.

Cryptic Shift – Visitations From Enceladus

Our hero’s journey culminates in the nasty, scrabbling execution of ‘Planetary Hypnosis’, harking back to some of the extraterrestrial excoriation of ‘Cosmic Dreams’, broken up with spiraling phaser breaks and reoccurring, overlapping, dual lead lines. By the time the album concludes, after around forty-seven minutes, swirling off into the stellar void, it’s clear that Visitations From Enceladus is essential listening for anyone interested in smart, complex, and rewarding extreme metal that tells a fine science-fictional adventure story. And I’m sure that Cryptic Shift will be telling us many more for years to come.

The Wildhearts • Backyard Babies • CKY – O2 Forum, Kentish Town

Judging by the array of fans of all ages in the crowd tonight, The Wildhearts once again prove themselves to be the rock band of their generation and of many more to come.

3TEETH • PIG – Heaven, London

In a magisterial feat of heaviness, 3TEETH play a finale triptych of ‘Time Slave’ (like a long-lost and souped-up Fear Factory outtake from Demanufacture), ‘Tabula Umbra’ (like being trampled by a T-1000) and ‘Master of Decay’ (like a direct hit from the Death Star).

Twin Temple • The Violent Hearts – The Jazz Café, Camden

What they lack in originality, Twin Temple transcend magnificently in pure quality, enthusiasm and an irresistible sense of joyous magnetism, worthy of the Great Horned One herself.

Abbath •1349 • Vltimas – Islington Assembly Hall

The master of disaster has re-entered his kingdom in the mountain of black, and his recent struggles will hopefully feature as nothing more than a blip in a career of unending grimness. Abbath continues to rise as only the true black metal badger-king can. . .

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