Kunal Singhal (Chaos Theory)


My name’s Kunal and I’m a musoholic. I’ve been into music in some form or another since learning a bit of piano as a kid and walking around singing all the time. I only realised that I wanted to spend my life involved with music more than anything else when I started singing in a band in Lancaster in 2002.

All of my friends have had a lot to do with my diverse tastes, as they are all passionate about a wide range of genres which has taught me to constantly search for new mind-opening sounds. After reviewing bands and albums for my student magazine and presenting a student radio show specifically celebrating the diversity of great music (and doing the occasional interview) I spent some time trying to find work in the record industry before setting up my own promo company called Chaos Theory, which again aims to celebrate and discover diverse new music.

In 2010 I started following a band called Rumour Cubes, which led to tweeting and eventually meeting violinist Hannah Morgan, which in turn led to meeting Echoes And Dust founder Dan Salter. After realising how deeply helpful and passionate he is about the independent music scene, I decided to write the odd review for Echoes And Dust and soon found myself a happy member of the team.

Articles by Kunal Singhal (Chaos Theory)

Shylock – Backstop / Leaving

“The imagination and craftsmanship used to mould these rigid tones into fluid musical pieces is several cuts above the rest…” – by Kunal Singh

A Sweet Niche – Eye Music II

Eye Music II is a furious mixture of hopeful and trepidatious melodies, mellow jazz sections and frantic rock riffs. There are many, many ingredients poured into this album, all of which are shaken up and blended in completely different ways for each tune. A must-own album, no matter what type of music you think you’re into. By Kunal Singhal

Good Morning Bleeding City – Complete Omnivore

With all the proficiency of technical metal, the fun of punk and the rough-edged raw aesthetic of post hardcore, this group surely deserve to take on the wider world of math punk soon. By Kunal Singhal

Bloody Mammals – Eventually Your House Will Fall Down

This album is the perfect punk album for the modern hardcore fan. – By Kunal Singhal

Alphabets Heaven – Siamese Burn EP

As usual with the psychedelic producer, his command of sumptuous sounds is stronger than ever, as he harnesses the full gamete of tones and samples available. – By Kunal Singhal

Rebekah Delgado – Don’t Sleep

I first met Rebekah at the very beginning of her solo career, when she performed at The Jazz Market in 2010. A mild mannered and pretty chilled out lady, she gave the impression that there wasn’t a whole lot that would faze her. This attitude was refle …

Glissando – The World Without Us

‘The World Without Us’ slowly creeps up to you without ever trying to make you aware of it. The opening track ‘Still (I)’ becomes more of an eventuality as it occurs in a most unassuming manner. Before you know it the album has started. The very nature …

GRICE – Propeller

One of my favourite things about the creative process between a group of people in a band with various influences is the diversity of input to the overall sound. If the balance between everyone having the same direction and having a broad range of uniq …

I’ve Lost – From These Hands

Imagine lying in a desert at night, watching the stars and the moonlit clouds drift slowly around the edges of your peripheries. A feeling of immense calm and peace washes over you. That was the instant feeling that hit me in waves when I first heard ‘ …

Jet Plane – All The Static Stars

You might be forgiven for sensing traces of that all too common formula for creating the perfect post rock album in Jet Plane’s latest offering, ‘All The Static Stars’. On first listen, you can hear how faithful they are to the doctrine: find a melody, …

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