Simon Anger


Bass player in King Witch & Iron Altar

From the crappy island of Jersey. Obsessed with all things fast

Articles by Simon Anger

Converge – The Dusk In Us

‘The Dusk In Us’ is a natural progression from ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’ and I would go as far to say this is potentially Converge’s best album yet. Ultimately, the album proves to be both dark and hopeful and if ‘Jane Doe’ was Converge’s suicide note, ‘The Dusk In Us’ is the glimmer of hope in this wretched world we call home.

Geist – Disrepair

With its jagged, Converge-esque rhythms and discordant melodies, this is a great record that some of the best hardcore bands could only wish they’d written.

The Vomiting Dinosaurs – Exoplanets

With catchy riffs throughout, ‘Exoplanets’ is a short, hard hitting and straight to the point release that deserves repeated listens and have you thrashing about in no time.

Vader – The Empire

It’s clear Vader are going to show you why they’re regarded as one of the most consistent death metal bands of all time and they aren’t going to disappoint with their new album.

Soul Gutter – Soul Gutter

It’s the variety in the music that makes the EP so great and the band have clearly worked hard to ensure this is a powerful and overall crushing release. – By Simon Anger

Gendo Ikari – Unit 1

If you’re into all things fast, I can’t recommend this album enough. Do yourself a favour, get a copy of this. Stick it on. Sit back, relax and get ready to kick the fuck out of your living room. – By Simon Anger

Vaulting – Vanitas

This is one of the most comprehensive death/grind releases I’ve heard in a while and recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the genre. – By Simon Anger

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