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We Lost The Sea – Triumph & Disaster

We Lost The Sea have done it again. They’ve done it again, and yet in a different way. This album is an evolution of their sound, their imagery, their songwriting, their use of sonic palettes… the lot.

TOOL – Fear Inoculum

This is a wonderful release. I like it more than ‘10,000 Days’. It’s not as immediately engaging, but I feel like in time I’ll still be finding things in it to make me sit up and take notice. And honestly, what a gift that is.

MONO – Requiem For Hell

This is beautiful music, well thought out, crafted, mixed and quite simply a band that you need. – By Nick Dodds

Ortega – Sacred States

What a corker of an album. It’s bleak, relentless, black and evil, while still being musical and well thought out. Highly, highly recommended. – By Nick Dodds

RLYR – Delayer

This is music made for love and for fun. There’s no real pretension here, just a sense of three guys kicking ass, taking names and enjoying one of the most beautiful things humans can do – create something special. – By Nick Dodds

Show Me A Dinosaur – Show Me A Dinosaur

I confess, this release didn’t grab me as much as the previous one, but it is a fair old change. The addition of the vocals seems a little untoward at times, but that’s the direction that they chose to go in, so who am I to judge? Overall a very different direction for them, and a strong showing if that’s the path they choose to continue down. By Nick Dodds

We Lost The Sea – Departure Songs

This is a special, unique release. This is a band going through dark days and coming out the other side, by embracing it and inviting us to share this with them. This is not something that comes along every day, and I thank them for it. If you ever have a discussion with someone and want to prove the power of music – reach for this. By Nick Dodds

Jakob – Sines

This is a release of love, affection, passion, hope, desire and sheer wilful bloody mindedness. It drips with effort, relief and everything else that makes music special. – By Nick Dodds

Eyehategod – Eyehategod

There’s ample detuned guitars, solid, powerful drumming, brick walls of feedback and harsh, screamed vocals. Just as you want an Eyehategod release to be. – By Nick Dodds

Ortega – Crows

Nick Dodds gives his thoughts on the new Ortega track ‘Crows’, in a very Lovecraftian way.

Live: The Smith Street Band, The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, 16th March 2014

That’s what this band is about – life affirming music. Even in the depths of their saddest moments they somehow manage to remind you that it’s all going to be ok… and I love that. By Nick Dodds

Burning Full Throttle – No Man’s Land

A great slice of stoner/drive goodness, and should definitely put a smile on your face. By Nick Dodds

Timesloth – Sole

I can hear the passion and enthusiasm come through clearly in the music, but at the same time the ‘jaded asshole’ in me wants better musicianship. – By Nick Dodds

In Memoriam: Tony Sly

One year on from his untimely death, Nick Dodds reflects on the life of one of his musical heroes, Tony Sly…

Life Coach – Alphawaves

So this album is all one big cliché – but in a good way. There are only so many different ways you can do a 4/4 beat with fuzzy guitars and ‘driving’ drumming but I’ve now listened to this a few times and it manages to skirt right on the edge of boring without falling into the chasm. By Nick Dodds

The Shaking Sensations – Start Stop Worrying

This is the second album from a band that I must confess, I know little about. A five-piece hailing from “windy Denmark”, The Shaking Sensations have shared the stage with some ‘glitteratti’ of the post-rock genre and been around for 10 years. And I have never heard of them, or heard them. I hang my head in shame, for they are pretty good.

Olekksii – Iris EP

So – this is a melodic, emotive and yet sparse and cold release. I like the juxtaposition of these conflicting states and think it’s done well overall. If you like smooth beats on a Sunday, melancholy on a Tuesday or just something a little different then give this a spin.

Feuerzeug – Dead Wahines and Tsunamis

Feuerzeug is a band from Switzerland and their album “Dead Wahines and Tsunamis” is already a classic stoner rock album, with fuzzy guitars, big rock epics and simply great music. This is a compulsory album for fans of QOTSA, Kyuss, Slow Burn and Fu Manchu.

Live: 65daysofstatic – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. January 4th 2013.

So back in 2006 I spent 8 hours waiting patiently outside a pub in Camden Town (the name escapes me but rest assured it was a shithole) to see 65daysofstatic… And I didn’t get to see them. No amount of cajoling, begging, pleading or even my best Aussie …

Across The Waves – War End, Misery Stays

How often do you get to listen and review post-rock from a part of the world more known for its religious hatred, lack of human rights and obsession with Rebecca Black? Ok, I might have made up the last point but you get the idea. Not often. Across The …

Toundra – III

This album kicks ass. Really. I snagged Toundra’s ‘II’ a year or so ago purely based on the cover art… and was not disappointed. Post-metal/post-rock from Spain? Sure! All the right types of sludgy riffage interspersed with some nice melodies….. We …

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