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Kylver – The Island

‘The Island’ is a perfectly woven sonic tapestry. One that hangs high in a mythical world, telling a fabulously forbidden story.

Dead Label – Throne of Bones

If you’re in need of some modern metal that is violently fresh yet will strongly sit in between your usual monsters of rock, do yourself a favour and chuck ‘Throne of Bones’ on high, high rotation. – By Noah Scott

DevilDriver – Trust No One

The groove metal moniker that follows Dez Fafara around is nowhere to be found on ‘Trust No One’. Yet as it goes, some of the catchiest pieces of modern metal are in these ten tunes. – By Noah Scott

Devil You Know – They Bleed Red

Devil You Know have created a grilled perfectly slab of American metalcore that deserved far more attention than it received. – By Noah Scott

Gareeda – Leatherhead

Gareeda are a hard rock band, taking heavily from the stoner/desert rock genre and quite proudly wearing their influences on their sleeves. But instead of just churning out clichéd riffs and nineties throwback licks, Gareeda manage to bring a modern twist to the genre. Nothing huge, but one that is bloody effective. – By Noah Scott

Designs Of Chaos – The Darkest Storm

This is a commanding slice of UK metal, well worthy of your attention. – By Noah Scott

Lighteater – Antique

Lighteater have invited you on a journey. One that has only just begun… By Noah Scott

Coal Chamber – Rivals

‘Rivals’ boasts some of the tightest drum parts and slickest bass lines of their career with grooves to rival (some pun intended) that of any of their, unfairly labelled, nu/groove metal brethren. – By Noah Scott

Cavalera Conspiracy – Pandemonium

Itʼs a modern display of thrash far superior to any of Sepulturaʼs current releases and if they keep releasing albums like this the thrash world is in for a treat that only the Cavaleraʼs can dish up. – By Noah Scott

Interview: Brant Bjork

A couple of weeks back Noah Scott had a chat on the phone with legendary stoner/desert rocker Brant Bjork, where they talked about the new album, Australia and Jimi Hendrix.

Job for a Cowboy – Sun Eater

Sun Eater is Job for a Cowboy’s finest release to date, a pure listening gargantuan that has all the elements you’ve come to expect off the boys and more. They’ve matured in sound, honed their writing skills and given themselves a massive injection of awesomeness to produce what could be the metal release of the year. – By Noah Scott

Machine Head – Bloodstone & Diamonds

Machine Head have shown no remorse with this release, sweeping the neʼer-sayers aside with twelve of their most awesome, heavy as hell tunes to date. – By Noah Scott

No Mercy – Widespread Bloodshed (Love Runs Red)

No Mercy’s classic re-release is nothing ground breaking. There is nothing mind blowing. But there is solidly awesome, good old school thrash metal tunes from start to end. – By Noah Scott

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