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Nat Lyon – Small Victory On A Fallow Field

Whilst a majority of the album will appeal to krautrock and post-punk devotees there’s enough of interest on here to draw in listeners with a curiosity for skewed and quietly subversive songs by a singular talent. By Paul Foster

Snippet – DIY

Casson’s solo output has been diverse and pretty damn prolific; ranging from folk-infused alt pop via neo-soul to left-field electronica. With his new mini-album, DIY, he ties that diversity together and packages it in a handy 12-track collection. – By Paul Foster

Lord Numb – Robots Need Love Too

There’s a bitter-sweet mood to the songs and a slight melancholic air which imbues the album with images of a man pining for a past when the future seemed so optimistic. – By Paul Foster

Douglas Deep – &U

The word ‘repetitive’ is often used as a criticism levelled at dance music, but here it is utterly essential to allow the sound itself to evolve and implant itself in your brain. – By Paul Foster

HealyIsland – On Ponzi Bridge

Healey has refined a difficult-to-achieve balance between tunefulness and experimentation over the years and, with On Ponzi Bridge, we find him taking this approach to a logical conclusion. – By Paul Foster

Toffeetronic – 10

Toffeetronic draws on a fairly wide range of influences: disco, 90s techno, Kraftwerk, early 80s electro, acid-house, hip-hop with the odd bit of musique concrete thrown in for good measure. – By Paul Foster

Cyberchump – Flutter And Flow

Dark, melodic, contemplative, cinematic, experimental, headphone-filling. Therefore, it pushes all my buttons. – By Paul Foster

Umberto – Confrontations

Hill has taken the staples of 80s soundtrack electronica; shimmering bells, rich pads, minor arpeggios, early drum machine sounds; and recreated the sounds of low-budget indie horror to an almost obsessively accurate degree.

Dion and the Magic Chords – Curiosa

Dion and the Magic Chords are walking a relatively well-worn path previously occupied by the likes of Stereolab, Plone and Broadcast; but they are doing so with considerable skill, invention and good humour.

Churn Milk Joan – 8 Black Postcards

Colin Robinson and Richard Knutson are seasoned musicians with a background in prog/punk/post-punk who have seen many fads and fashions in music pass-by and have mingled at different levels with some revered names in the alt-rock canon. Those of you wi …

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