Pete McTaggart

Writer for Echoes & Dust.Since being introduced to the ways of Post-Rock bands such as Slint, Mogwai and Godspeed You Black Emperor in the mind 90s, I've felt fascinated by the varied and numerous groups within the genre. It's been my pleasure to first create post-rock-esque music in bands throughout my youth and now to be able to write about many new bands it's my fortunate to experience.

Articles by Pete McTaggart

Mothers In Furs – Jisie No Ku

The EP doesn’t outstay its welcome & gives the impression that they have a lot more to offer. That’s a very pleasing thought given how original and uncompromising they appear to be. Jisie No Ku serves as a hazy yet alluring indication that the band have it in their capacity to create something genre defining. My breath is bated. By Pete McTaggart

Star Of Heaven – Vinter

The brief glimpses of the ugly are too few and far between to place this album on an ‘essential’ list. What’s there IS very good but doesn’t leave enough of an imprint to remain in mind for a long period of time. When prompted to engage with it though, Vinter is a deeply rewarding listen. By Pete McTaggart

Fall of Messiah – Empty Colors

Empty Colors is an engaging listen, one that neither outstays its welcome, nor beats the listener into submission with crushing moments. Its strength lies in its brevity & measured use of force. At the risk of leaving the audience unsatisfied, Fall of Messiah have bravely chosen to take their listeners’ breath away & leave them gasping for more. By Pete McTaggart

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