Phil Johnston

Music addict. Spent too long and all my money chasing tapes, records, cds and now music ‘files’. Introduced to metal as a child(about 9), probably still my first love. I’ve always been open to interesting music be it stone roses, throwing muses, at the same time as Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies. Partial to a bit of Hip hop(though mostly older stuff) electronica, folk, jazz as much as modern extreme metal and stuff with a post in it somewhere.

Previously wrote for Sludgelord, Dan(editor) let me contribute to E+D now and then. Since 2013 rolled in I’ve been encouraged (he holds a gun to my head, help!) by Metal Editor Sander to contribute more. Which I’m happy to do as I can’t stop seeking new music and feel the need to tell people. Its the online version of the mad drunk on the bus no-one makes eye contact with. That’s me, wide-eyed deranged shouting about bandcamp discoveries.

Articles by Phil Johnston

Forest Swords – Compassion

Compassion is simply magnificent, already a firm favourite to be my album of the year with not a dull moment or wasted second.

Andy Fosberry from Sunset Graves

Andy Fosberry is the man behind the eclectic electronic project Sunset Graves and is gearing up for his latest release. The album is titled Dead City Hymnal and will be released through 3rd & Debut records on February 24th. It sees Andy channel various feelings and experiences from a recent tour with Tom Ragsdale (worriedaboutsatan) into his most focused and stirring work yet. Listen to the track “Flatter To Deceive” from it below and read what Andy has to say on the record, upcoming tour with worriedaboutsatan and more.

worriedaboutsatan – Blank Tape

worriedaboutsatan have created probably their best work yet on Blank Tape and I’ve a feeling it will continue to win them more fans and acclaim.

Gavin & Tom from worriedaboutsatan

It’s been a couple of years since we last spoke to worriedaboutsatan so as they prepare to release their third album Phil Johnston caught up with them for a chat.

Moon Zero – Moon Zero

It is an album that requires patience and willingness to fully give yourself to in order to gain and experience its quality. However once it seeps in you will want to experience it again and again. By Phil Johnston

John Lemke – Nomad Frequencies

Despite the mix of sounds and styles, Nomad Frequencies very much feels like an album of a cohesive nature. It makes for a highly enjoyable listening experience from start to finish yet most tracks have enough quality and character to stand alone. By Phil Johnston

Dalot & Gavin Miller – Blue Moon

Another excellent release from a prolific and quality label. By Phil Johnston

Thomas Ragsdale – Bait

Bait is as engaging as it enjoyable and stands up as more than a soundtrack as simply a great album. By Phil Johnston

Interview: Thomas Ragsdale

Thomas Ragsdale is pretty prolific. Not content releasing music with Gavin Miller as worriedaboutsatan/Ghosting Season, he has a string of releases as Winter Son and now his second full solo soundtrack album Bait is imminent. Phil Johnston had a chat about his relentless release schedule and much more.

Blanck Mass Presents – The Strange Colour Of Your Body’s Tears Re-Score

Ben Power has already released one of my favourite releases this year as Blanck Mass, the amazing Dumb Flesh album. Now he is responsible for a second with this collection along with all involved. By Phil Johnston

M.E.S.H. – Piteous Gate

It really is an astounding album and highly accomplished debut. In times where repetition and blandness can be common Piteous Gate stands apart as something special. By Phil Johnston

Lee Bannon – Pattern of Excel

There are some highlights throughout Pattern of Excel clearly but the real enjoyment is immersing yourself in all its strange and beguiling greatness. Don’t be a sceptic, there’s plenty to enjoy here for existing fans and newcomers. By Phil Johnston

Fis – The Blue Quicksand is Going Now

I find myself putting this album on repeat and each time discover something new or unheard. A really special release in a year of many remarkable albums, Fis has proved he can maintain his exhilarating sound over a full album. – By Phil Johnston

The Orb – Moonbuilding 2073 AD

The latest album from The Orb is highly enjoyable and proof that in 2015 they are still very relevant. By Phil Johnston

Nils Frahm – Victoria

I’m sure this won’t be the last score Frahm is involved in but it is certainly a great beginning and definitely special. By Phil Johnston

Jaga Jazzist – Starfire

There are elements of actual genres but Jaga Jazzist have taken them and created something special. Probably their most ambitious and best album to date, its a trip you don’t want to end. By Phil Johnston

Luke Abbott – Music For A Flat Landscape

A unique and absorbing film score to be enjoyed easily with or without the accompanying film. Personally I’ll be checking The Goob out as soon as possible however. By Phil Johnston

Petrels – Flailing Tomb

Flailing Tomb is Petrels’ best album to date and a superb achievement in diversity. By Phil Johnston

Jozef K & Winter Son – Chaos Dancing Star

Three tracks that carry a theme musically and feel natural together. However, individually they will work in a set for the dancefloor or even just a playlist at home. Winter Son & Jozef K seem to be ready to unleash plenty more tracks upon us, Let’s hope we can keep up. By Phil Johnston

Prurient – Frozen Niagara Falls

‘Frozen Niagara Falls’ is an astonishing album, despite its length it never drags or lulls. The end comes and you find yourself putting it back on, as captivating as it is you know you missed something. It is dense and multilayered and can be enjoyed on various levels. Consider me gripped. – By Phil Johnston

Capac – Sea Freeze

This is an album of forward thinking boundary pushing brilliance and a debut to be proud of. By Phil Johnston

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