Thomas Laycock

Articles by Thomas Laycock

Amenra – Mass VI

Painfully intimate, achingly beautiful and excoriatingly heavy, ‘Mass VI’ is a complete masterpiece.

Neurosis – Fires Within Fires

Beautiful, angular, obsidian, here they come again with their 11th studio album ‘Fires Within Fires’ and, my God, it’s full of stars. – By Thomas Laycock

Russian Circles – Guidance

The album flows together almost flawlessly like some rumination on one long and complex matrix of unspeakable things. This isn’t so much an exploration of loud vs quiet as a conversation between light and dark, pulse and peace, the delicacy that tempers rage; the one amplifying the other and creating the most bittersweet and inspiring offspring. By Thomas Laycock

Cult of Luna / The Old Wind – Råångest

A short yet explosive release that will leave you salivating for more. – By Thomas Laycock

Codas – Currents

Tight, crystalline and glinting at the dark edges of its angular construction. This is a diamond of an EP. – By Thomas Laycock

Blueneck – King Nine

The fifth full-length release from Somerset’s Blueneck finds the champions of exhilarating melancholy charting new territory while still retaining the soulful core that has made them the darlings of delicate song-based post-rock. By Thomas Laycock

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