Dan Lombard


In most social situations I feel like Hungary at European Union meetings - surly, misunderstood, and constantly on the verge of being asked to leave.I dislike greyhounds because they are a pathetic mixture of lanky, uncouth and vulnerable-looking – which pretty much sums me up as a teenager. At this time of my life I fell in love with all things indie through the melancholic prism of the Bluetones, Manic Street Preachers, Catatonia, and the mighty Shed Seven. My horizons have broadened in my 20s and 30s towards electronica, stoner rock and people pretending to be robots. But the high-water mark of my relationship with music remains the compelling tastes and textures of sweat, tie-dye and jangly guitars piled on one another in overcrowded clubs and fields across 1990s Middle England.

Articles by Dan Lombard

Band of Skulls – By Default

Onwards and upwards for the Band of Skulls. By Daniel Lombard

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