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Hi everyone, I’m Daniela, from Rome.I’m an engineer, I love painting and photography but I do prefer to define myself as a post-rock, ambient, electronic, trip hop and down-tempo girl. In the end music is what I am, everything else is what I do.I go to work with my favorite band t-shirts under formal dresses, I have so many band t-shirts that I don’t have enough days to use all of them, I collect vinyl and living in a well assorted book and music shop would be a dream.I travel a lot for work reason and wherever I go I look for good gigs. Someone said that there’s no happiness if you do not share it; and good music is one of those things that must be shared; that’s why I love ech(((o)))es and dust.

Articles by Daniela Patrizi


III is an intimate record that requires to be experienced alone and undisturbed, letting you travel through beautiful soundscapes and deep journeys. By Daniela Patrizi

Inventions – Blanket Waves EP

Listening to Blanket Waves is like being in two places at once and it’s a gorgeous experience. By Daniela Patrizi

Esmerine – Lost Voices

With lost Voices, Esmerine demonstrate again that they know how to write a grandiose album. By Daniela Patrizi

We Deserve This – Pacific

Pacific is the proof of the musical evolution of We Deserve This and, with the attempt to go towards the post metal territory, Jan Platek delivers an enjoyable instrumental album. By Daniela Patrizi

Aikira – Aikira

The sound of Aikira is for music lovers and for those that have to ability to go beyond the classic rules. By Daniela Patrizi

Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie – Travels in Constants Vol 24

Travels in Constants Vol. 24 is full of evocative light and space encouraging the listener to indulge in mental journeys. Wear your headphones and enjoy the experience. By Daniela Patrizi

Colaris – Nexus

Nexus is a great album. Take your time to adsorb it and let the sound woo you. It won’t let you go. By Daniela Patrizi

ENO – From the Lower Earth and Ocean

From the Lower Earth and Ocean is an immersive and artistically gravitating experience. By Daniela Patrizi

Red Forest – 13.10.16

Floating between post-rock and post-metal territories, Red Forest deliver a consistent and well-played experimental rock. By Daniela Patrizi

Steve Von Till – A Life Unto Itself

Forty-five minutes of Steve Von Till and his guitar playing from the heart are never enough. In other words, this is an amazing record. – By Daniela Patrizi

Northumbria – Helluland

Through ‘Helluland’ Northumbria confirm their ability to produce magnificent dark drone that has the power to catch your soul and let you feel things you didn’t expect. – By Daniela Patrizi

Eschar – Nova

With ‘Nova’ Eschar will launch the listener into deep, galaxy-spanning layers of sound. Be ready. – By Daniela Patrizi

Wino & Conny Ochs – Freedom Conspiracy

‘Freedom Conspiracy’ is an emotional and brilliant work that proves again the talent of these two geniuses of the current music scene. – By Daniela Patrizi

ØLTEN – Mode

‘Mode’ tells you how powerful the band’s playing is and those of you that were looking forward to see what this post-porn-sludge instrumental trio from Switzerland is able to do with a full-length album can consider themselves completely satisfied. – By Daniela Patrizi

Interview: Le Seul Elément

Le Seul Elément is a solo project of a French musician who does not want to be named by his real name. Daniela Patrizi recently reviewed his new release ‘Meradian’ and asked the person behind the project some questions.

Tyranny Is Tyranny – The Rise of Disaster Capitalism (plus exclusive track première)

Tyranny Is Tyranny focus on dynamics, repetition, and the dismantling of capitalism: highly recommended. – By Daniela Patrizi

Lilacs & Champagne – Midnight Features, Vol. 2: Made Flesh

With Midnight Features Alex Hall and Emil Amos act in a territory of much more freedom of expression, without restriction to creativity. By Daniela Patrizi

Father Murphy – Croce

Even though ‘Croce’ has added nothing new compared to what we already know from the Italian duo, they manage to remain one of the most representative entities of the dark and psychedelic music world. – By Daniela Patrizi

Ekca Liena – Graduals

‘Graduals’ is not easy, but, as a beautiful mermaid, it captivates and lures the listener who, unaware of the bigger, illusory plan, falls victim of it. Irremediably. By Daniela Patrizi

Whale Fall – The Madrean

The Madrean by Whale Fall is an atmospheric and cinematic album that gives the listener a chance to either stay engaged or simply drift away. By Daniela Patrizi

Vessels – Dilate

At less than hour in length, Dilate is a journey that pleases every moment, and that should be experienced and revisited regularly knowing that some landmarks can easily emerge each and every time and invite you right back for more. By Daniela Patrizi

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