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My first foray into metal was at the tender age of 8 when I convinced my cousin to let me have his copy of Iron Maiden’s behemoth live album Live After Death simply on the basis that the cover looked cool (it does, Google it!). And so began an odyssey that has along its way incorporated rap, hip hop, prog, jazz, classical, musicals, grunge, dance and cake. Also in the mid-90s I dallied with nail varnish and a wallet on a chain. Sorry.

I love music. Well….. most of it, at least. I have a blog where I (mainly) write about albums that had some form of big impact on my life so feel free to head over there and take a peak.

That about covers it, I think. Now off you pop.

Articles by John Sturm

Bigelf – Into The Maelstrom

Bigelf return and with their most melodic, poppy, heavy, proggy album to date. Welcome back gents. – By John Sturm

Death Pegasus – Critical Madness

Death Pegasus is the band patch your denim jacket is missing. Aggressive, fast, heavy and fun. – By John Sturm

Icecocoon – Deepest Crystal Black

Debut album from Adelaide natives builds an excellent foundation for the future. – By John Sturm

Interview: Kyle Gruninger of Incura

John Sturm asked Kyle Gruninger of theatrical hard rock band Incura some questions about the new album and more. Please read on…!

Incura – Incura

Dramatic, grandiose and epic. This is an assured and amazing debut. – By John Sturm

Sky Architect – A Billion Years Of Solitude

A bit of jazz, a bit of rock, a bit of psychedelia and a bit special. – By John Sturm

Exivious – Liminal

Equal parts progressive madness and sublime songwriting, there is something for everyone on this album. – By John Sturm

Steel City – Now It’s Time

Steel City’s debut has it’s strong points but a lack of focus and spark hampers this album greatly. – By John Sturm

Transatlantic – Kaleidoscope

Quintessential and essential new album from prog titans. Lengthy, melodic and amazing. – By John Sturm

Sleep Lady – Central Valley

John Sturm listened to instrumental rock band Sleep Lady for the first time. “This song had connected with me in a way I would never have imagined.”

Aktor – I Am The Psychic Wars

Rocky, poppy, psychedelic-y. An inventive hodge-podge of styles and sounds results in 2 great, fun tracks. – By John Sturm

Tungsten – The Reservoir

Tungsten have played a blinder with their début release. Heavy, progressive and hummable. Wow. – By John Sturm

Scarecrown – No Time To Retreat

Scarecrown have an excellent singer. They also play excellent music. So why does this confuse our reviewer so much? – By John Sturm.

The Oscillation – From Tomorrow

Psychedelic rock at it’s finest. This is atmospheric, expansive and thoroughly intriguing. By John Sturm.

Orchid – The Zodiac Sessions

Repackaged EP and début album, show San Francisco’s Orchid channelling Sabbath. This is the foundation for their future. – By John Sturm

The First – Take Courage

The second album from The First both enchants and confuses. True or cynical? Either way it’s a great rock record. – By John Sturm

Thought Chamber – Psykerion

A bonkers storyline, virtuos musician, more time changes you can shake a Moog at and only two long tracks! Pure prog brilliance. – By John Sturm

Blues Pills – Devil Man

This is a band that grooves that ebbs and flows. That rocks. They have a bright future ahead of them. – By John Sturm

Interview: Lori Peri from The Safety Fire

We asked our writer John Sturm to come up with some challenging, taxing, intellectually satisfying, politically-infused questions to stretch The Safety Fire to their mental limit. What we got was Mariah Carey, biscuits and Yahtzee.

The Safety Fire – Mouth Of Swords

This is an album of stunning breadth and emotion; one of the finest releases of 2013. – By John Sturm

Traffic Experiment – Blue Suburbia

This a wonderful blend of rock, funk, soul and space. Guildford’s Traffic Experiment show the big boys how it’s done. By John Sturm

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