Lance Turner

I LOVE MUSIC! It speaks to my soul beyond any other artistic medium, and I truly would not be alive today without it… “Where words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Andersen

Articles by Lance Turner

Slow And Steady – In Time We Belong

It is pure in conviction, effusive in presentation, transparent in sentiment, and effective in delivery. As sure as the sky is blue, In Time We Belong will be included in many Album Of The Year lists. Do not miss out!!! By Lance Turner

Wild Cat Strike – I Want To Be The White That Sleeps Inside Your Bones

Albeit short, a bold effort that should appeal to a wide array of audiences. Most notably Post Rock and Melodic Hardcore. How’s that for contrast? By Lance Turner

Foals – What Went Down

Not to discount efforts of Foals, but I am just not feeling it. At best it is underwhelming. There were more notable moments than not, but overall I am still left unfulfilled. By Lance Turner

Pallow – Confined

I’ve click-baited myself to death probing the internet for similar music, but thus far I have come up short in finding anything as stirring as Pallow’s most recent endeavor. By Lance Turner

Downers – Noose

Downers are an unspoiled example of a band doing things their way. I hear a collection of dudes that are refusing to cleave to a world of acceptance and participation medals created by their peers. By Lance Turner

Midas Fall – The Menagerie Inside

For those who are familiar with Midas Fall, The Menagerie Inside will not disappoint. For those who are not, give them a listen. Sit down, plug in, and be prepared for an onslaught on your emotions. Both musically and lyrically. By Lance Turner

We Stood Like Kings – USSR 1926

We Stood Like Kings have outdone themselves. How they have been able to produce such an extraordinary opus is beyond me. I am only thankful that I have been granted the opportunity to hear it. By Lance Turner

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