Lawrence Haywood

Articles by Lawrence Haywood

Lambhorn – Cascade

‘Cascade’ will take ALL of your loyalty points as well as a fairly hefty chunk of your Nectar and Clubcard ones too; but you won’t think for one second that it wasn’t worth it.

Alpha Male Tea Party – Health

Those generous Alpha Male Tea Party fans must be simmering in their own ecstasy oozings right about now. Their various donations have covered the costs of the band’s retreat to the Oxfordshire countryside to unload about 3 years’ worth of brain juice in the form of 44 minutes of enough skull-rattling, aural debauchery to drown out the noise of Theresa May’s musket laying waste to a skulk of foxes outside the studio window.

Enemies – Valuables

Valuables truly is a consolidation of everything the band needed consolidating. It’s an incredible record, and one that Enemies should be proud to call their last.

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