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POZI – Smiling Tools

The musical elements here might (or might not) be similar or known from elsewhere, but they are arranged in a unique, POZI way if you will.

quickly, quickly – Easy Listening

If this is the easy listening we should be confined to, then bring some more, and quickly, quickly.

Eydis Evensen – The Light

Listening to ‘The Light’ you simply stop wondering why Evensen’s previous album gathered so many audio streams. This one will probably get more.

Scrimshire – Paroxysm

It is both interconnected and quite moving, as Scrimshire is actually able to fully transfer his emotions and thoughts into the music here which is both varied and exciting.

Joni Void – Everyday Is The Song

Essentially, ‘Everyday is The Song’ proves its title and is an enviable musical achievement.

The Flowers of Hell – Keshakhtaran

We get layers of elongated notes and spaces between them that weave, and slowly twist and turn, bringing almost perfect meditational pieces that exemplify any form of spiritual music.

Tinariwen – Amatssou

The music here retains the original Tinariwen sound and spirit, still dominated by that ever-present intricate guitar sound.

Parker Millsap – Wilderness Within You

Yes, ‘Wilderness Within You’ is actually a musical experiment, one that passes the test with flying colours.

Antman Ant – Resonate

The music here works both as a seamless concept and as single, individual tracks, something that is not so easy to achieve.

Mark Wise – The Fire Within

It is a glimpse into the exciting prospects the techno/heavy metal combination can offer.

The Ladderman – Figures On Demand

Fusing diverse elements is definitely not an easy task, and Matheau and his cohorts do that admirably, coming up with an excellent heavy album.

O’o – Spells

The extra quality lies in the fact that all of the six tracks here were mainly recorded in Victoria’s living room in Barcelona, where the duo resides, but actually have the quality that some other artists would have coming up in a fully-fledged studio.

Melati ESP – hipernatural

Malay and her long-time collaborator Kaazi who co-produced the album actually create chill-style grooves here that go beyond the usually established formulas for such music.

Gregory Uhlmann – Again And Again

Uhlmann actually achieves exactly the balance he wants here, as all of the nine songs here exhibit not only a great melodic sense but musical playfulness that really makes them shine.

The God In Hackney – The World In Air Quotes

Eclecticism, with all its advantages and no trappings.

Dommengang – Wished Eye

Is it the standard hard psych that many fans of the sound are so familiar and fond of? Of course, it is, but, then, that is exactly the point with Dommengang.

All Hands Make Light – Darling The Dawn

The key lies in the fact that obviously both Engle and Menuck and their two guests are on the same musical wavelength, making the music of All Hands Make Light actually shine a very favorable light on the final result here.

Luster – Dopamine Loop

Luster has that ‘key’ shoegaze sound down to a pat, and the addition of subtle electronics gives their music that additional touch that makes it stand out.

Monde UFO – Vandalized Statue To Be Replaced With Shrine

If only other ‘all and the kitchen sink’ experiments were as good as this one.

Maruja – Knocknarea

You don’t just get over million streams for not doing something that hits all the right notes (not too many, nor too little, by the way).

Animal Scream – Heartbroke Motel

And yes, it does work in a not-so-strange, but still, left-field way as the duo has envisioned it. Quite a treat, this one.

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