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Paul Lewis & Romeo Rage – Sky’s Rust

Lewis, or Romeo Rage if you will, turns those dreams of his into a quite effective musical reality.

Vanessa Wagner – Mirrored

While accentuating the approach of each of the composers towards those hidden spaces, Wagner does it in her quite unique and personal approach to the piano, making these pieces of music her own, as much as they belong to the composers themselves.

Ol’ RattleBones – Rise Chapter 1

It could have all gone to waste if these guys didn’t have songwriting skills to match their playing and singing capabilities, all of which will certainly endear them to hard rock fans anywhere.

Snowdrops – Missing Island

The music on the album relies on quite complex layers of instrumentation that are actually firmly suited to the theme, never overpowering it with the layers slowly revealing themselves when you peel or listen to them.

Badlands – Call To Love

Maybe we can dub Badlands’ ‘Call To Love’ as a call to great atmospheric pop/rock.

Sicky – Garbage Town

On ‘Garbage Town’ Butler seems to be skimming on the garbage and is coming up with the real (pop) goods that are actually both substantive and listenable at the same time.

Sonora Pine – II

The strange mixture of Slint-like vocal post-rock and wyrd folk they came up here has exactly that timeless quality that we deserve to be reminded of from time to time.

The Haunted Youth – Dawn of the Freak

It is all oh, so catchy and easy on the ear that you simply cannot either complain or stop listening and very often, that is exactly what you need.

Svaneborg Kardyb – Over Tage

And as many have put it, making things sound simple is the hardest thing to do, and Svaneborg Kardyb can obviously do that with ease.

Son Cesano – Emerge

Although it might seem like a big contrast, Son Cesano can make the sounds of these landscapes on the opposite side of the musical spectrum as something that naturally belongs together.

June McDoom – June McDoom

The result is some truly intriguing music, enforced by McDoom’s languid vocals and strong songwriting that all go beyond just a promise.

Adriaan Swerts – One

Swerts creates his music without overt pathos, it is all subdued, or even more so, sublime.

Galactic Fuzz – Galactic Fuzz

Essentially, Galactic Fuzz came up with an excellent debut of a coherent set of melodic psych that touches on other genres with ease.

Spoiler NYC – Banned In 38 States

As somebody who definitely knows what that seventies punk sound is Robert is able to bring that raw, unabashed sound to a full tilt, investing the original sense and emotion and not just going through the motions without any true feelings.

Flore Laurintienne – Volume II

Here, Gagnon combines minimalism with some classical music archetypes like classical romanticism to explore environment and emotion.

The Soft Pink Truth – Is It Going To Get Any Deeper Than This?

Overall, on ‘Is It Going To Get Any Deeper Than This?’ Daniel comes up with a disco for modern times, a true companion to LCD Soundsystem.

Maïa Barouh – Aida

Barouh navigates her music combination admirably throughout the album, and not unlike her father, comes up with some modern, skillfully detailed music “between” the genres.

GIFT – Momentary Presence

What we get on GIFT’s ‘Momentary Presence’, is a fully realised, true psych delight of an album.

Winter – What Kind Of Blue Are You?

Samira Winter’s musical concepts and performances all show in their full glory on one of the better shoegaze/dream pop albums of 2022.

Deniz Cuylan – Rings of Juniper

With his inventive compositional style and guitar playing Cuylan is able to create exactly the right cinematic images you would expect from an artist so involved in creating music for film and TV.

Peter Knight – The Softened Shore

Knight has come up with a set of intricate musical pieces that combine, ambient drone, jazz and modern classical music into pieces that cross the lines between mourning and melancholy wit an almost enchanting effect.

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