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Thomas Powers – A Tyrant Crying In Private

It is an album that could really make a few tyrants cry, even in public.

Nick Hudson – Kanda Teenage Honey

It turns out to be an album of sophisticated art pop that begs a number of listens to expose all of its elements.

Taylor Deupree – Sti. ll

We get four elongated meditations on movement in stillness, Deupree, Branciforte, and other involved musicians proving that it is not the media you use, but the content that you present that counts.

Amy Aileen Wood – The Heartening

This kind of music is often the hardest to achieve right, but Amy Aileen Wood hits all the listening spots, as it is the easiest thing to do.

Galecstasy – Stone Flute

The duo’s experience with their synths setups and creative recording techniques definitely work in their favor here, because their spaced-out sound gets that third dimension so necessary for such music to work.

Emel – MRA

Emel’s choice meshes beats, rhythms, and melodic moves to tightly present her message – human perseverance.

Eamon Ivri – In The Red Eye of the Evening

It might sound a bit too ambitious to some, but Ivri manages to convert his late-night dreams (and nightmares) into something that is truly creative.. Ivri is shedding quite some light on all of the night’s darkness.

R.J.F. – Strange Going

Minimalist, dark (even industrialist) dream pop, if such a thing exists. If not, Farrar just invented it.

Nisa – Shapeshifting

With all the moves out of the usual, Nisa still comes up with music that can easily attract the ears of a wider audience weaned on electro-pop.

Minor Moon – The Light Up Waltz

And instead of everything falling apart at the seams, Cantor creates the counterpoint(s) he seeks here, creating quite a light ray at the end of the dark tunnel.

Post Death Soundtrack – Veil Litter

Quite a heavy theme here, but it is matched with a musical heaviness that does make it a rewarding listen, particularly for fans of all things heavy.

Curling – No Guitar

Well, you can’t truly peg down squarely what Curling is doing here, as they successfully throw in musical elements some might thing don’t belong together.

Kira McSpice – The Compartmentalization of Decay

McSpice’s music here is covered in dark colours but it is dark colours that can shed light both on her music and within listeners too.

UTO – When all you want to do is be the fire part of fire

One of the better electro-pop albums of this year so far.

Project Gemini – Colours & Light

Colours & Light fulfils that dual task Osborne seems to set out for himself – harking back to some previous musical times and making them as modern as they should be.

Chatterton – Fields Of This

It seems that the painstaking, three-year-long process did wonders for the duo, as they have come up with one of the more fresh and stimulating alt-rock albums this year so far.

Japanese Television – Automata Exotica

Throughout it sounds like it might have been created in Joe Meek’s lab back in the sixties and anytime until yesterday, making it somehow quite timeless.

Thea Grant – Water And Dreams

Water and Dreams shifts like any body of water can, and creates some lucid dreams along the way, very listenable avant-garde music, if you will.

MIZU – Forest Scenes

The results are like any forest, real or imaginary, both dark and light, but overall intriguing and mesmerising.

Mieko Shimizu – My Tentacles

The music could range from beat-inflected (in a left-field way) title track or ‘Undersong’ to subtly -orchestrated ‘I see a soul’ to a combination of these and other elements that form an intriguing musical kaleidoscope.

Bedbug – Pack Your Bags The Sun Is Growing

The final result here is a piece of music rich with intricacies and details that make it work to its fullest.

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