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Chaz Knapp – Organ Drunes

Throughout, as with the album title, Knapp approaches the process of creating these organ drones with quite a hefty dose of humor.

Night Beats – Outlaw R&B

Blackwell and his Outlaw R&B prove that psych can mutate but it never loses its original feel and intent.

Growing – Diptych

Diptych is Growing’s one of their more accomplished albums, giving drone as a genre another impetus.

Matt Sweeney & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Superwolves

As is always the case when Will Oldham (in any of his aliases) is involved we can expect the unexpected. And truly enjoy it.

Christine Ott – Time to Die

Throughout, Ott is able to musically move ‘between the world of the living and the dead’ with fully explored ideas that present the picture she is trying to create in exactly the manner she wanted.

Various Artists – Brown Acid The Twelfth Trip

Brown Acid: The Twelfth Trip is almost devoid of such duds, and in that manner represents a feat in itself.

Sam Genovese – SKYMYTH

Genovese’s ‘SKYMYTH’ is certainly demanding, but ultimately a rewarding listen for all those who think their music should be thought-inspiring too.

Art d’Ecco – In Standard Definition

There’s no dilemma about one thing. In Standard Definition is an excellent album.

1st Base Runner – Seven Years of Silence

Maybe his previous projects took time, but now that 1st Base Runner has come up with this album, he actually turns it into a home run.

Matthew E. White & Lonnie Holley – Broken Mirror: A Selfie Reflection

Listening to Broken Mirror: A Selfie Reflection, a name of an album by Gabor Szabo, a legendary guitarist comes to mind – Spellbinder. That good.

Balmorhea – The Wind

The Wind presents a natural flow of ideas in music, that says more about nature than a few thousand words. Excellent!

Dead Coyote – Apparitionata

Dead Coyote keeps that classical/Danny Elfman soundtrack combination as seen through the eyes of Billy Idol who has listened to a hefty dose of current electronica.

Malibu – One Life (Four Remixes)

On the evidence of this EP, Malibu can turn her dreams into quite real music.

Jobaloon – The Invitation

Unabashed psych/pop? Sure. But done quite brilliantly, and that is already a level where you don’t really care, where something originated musically.

Thorin Loeks – In This Place

In This Place is a prime example of a high-quality singer/songwriter album that skillfully skips the doors of boredom.

Dom & The Wizards – The Australian Cyclone Intensity Scale

Throughout, the album, you get the feeling that things might fall apart at any moment, but they never do, keeping the listener tight inside its intricate web of lies. Or truths, who knows.

Restless Mosaic – There’s Much Left to Explore

Overall, There’s Much Left to Explore brings back some successful concepts in electronic music with a definite individual angle, and it is so refreshing to hear them again.

Busty and the Bass – ET Suite

It seems that Busty and the Bass are on an imaginative streak, and all the ET versions presented on this EP deserve full attention.

Flock of Dimes – Head of Roses

Head of Roses is a very personal album that practically any listener can both comprehend and enjoy.

The Natvral – Tethers

Essentially, this is the same Kip Berman his fans know him from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, but one who can adapt different musical concepts with ease.

C. Diab – In Love & Fracture

He(Diab) is able to easily overcome one of the key hurdles in a drone – giving the music a natural flow and pace that will engage the listener throughout the presented musical experience.

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