Rodrigo Brasil (aka Delli)


…a lost soul seeking to alleviate their suffering through music …

Articles by Rodrigo Brasil (aka Delli)

Interview: Brendan Landis from Hey Exit

Hey Exit has a complex, multifaceted and solid musical drive; crossing paths between ambient, harsh noise and drone music. Brendan Landis, the man behind the title, is not only talented – he was very gentle, animated and even funny throughout our conversation! Please, take a seat and prepare your head! By Rodrigo Delli

Interview: Nick Dropkick from Vāmācāra

Ontario’s Vāmācāra have burst on to the scene in the last year or so; their ‘mash up’ of John Coltrane and SUNNO))) being particularly attention grabbing. Rodrigo Delli exchanged some correspondence with Nick Dropkick, the man behind the music, and it turned in to a fascinating chat about his huge creativity and influences.

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