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Echo Chamber: New Frontiers

Toni Martone of Wasted State Records gives his latest opinion on the Internet’s knock-on effect on the music industry.

Echo Chamber: Cultural Resources and the Construction of Self

“We construct our sense of self using the cultural resources available to us- if we limit ourselves to those resources that are readily to hand we will end up as embodiments of capitalist norms” – By Tim Foster

Echo Chamber: Radiohead – Back on the Radar

Marike Watson evaluates ‘Spectre’ and looks forward to what the new Radiohead album might offer.

Echo Chamber: Industrial Revolution 2: The internet age

The internet is great, in the most part, but with all major technological revolutions, comes widespread social change. Within 20 years, it is predicted that 10 million UK jobs will be replaced by machines, using an internet interface. The evidence is already there, on the highstreet and in my own industry. Commercial enterprise will either evolve or collapse (and get bailed out by the government at our expense) yet the human cost is hard to establish, but I imagine it to be as complex as our species. – by Sam Duckworth

Echo Chamber: Venues In Crisis

Just as we lament the fact that the kids of today rarely get the opportunity to spend an afternoon aimlessly browsing through the racks of their local record store, so too will we lament the fact that the kids of tomorrow won’t get the opportunity to lose themselves amongst 50-60 sweaty, joyous bodies crammed into a local venue watching a band play their heart out. Without small venues we obviously wouldn’t have the bands who now play stadiums, but I don’t even think we’d have the music fans who buy tickets for their shows. by Hannah Morgan

Echo Chamber: Is The Album Dead?

Tinie Tempah and George Ergatoudis, the head of music at Radio 1 have declared the album is dead. Are they right though? No, they’re not. Sort of. By Darren Saunders

Echo Chamber 15 – All in this together?

There’s only one way to save independent music, and that’s to stop treating it like a competition. By Hannah Morgan.

Echo Chamber 14 – Should bands pay for record reviews?

You may not know it, but some music blogs charge bands to write reviews. To find out more (((o))) looks at this practice and talks to some people involved in various parts of the music world… – by Gilbert Potts

Echo Chamber 13: Is It Worth Complaining About the Mercury Music Prize?

The same old argument, but worth repeating. Benjamin Bland on the Mercury Prize shortlist 2013…

Debate – How Valid are Thom Yorke’s Spotify Criticisms?

In the first of what will hopefully become a semi-regular series of debates about important issues in the music industry we discuss the fallout from Thom Yorke’s intense criticism of Spotify as a streaming platform for new artists…

Echo Chamber 12 – How Naked is Too Naked?

Cat Marr questions whether the sexualisation of mainstream pop music videos has gone just a little bit too far?

Echo Chamber 11: Punk As Fuck All

Punk was great, wasn’t it? Young people scaring the shit out of old people, listening to loud music, dressing all funny like and caring about society. Isn’t it terrifying when young people start to question the status quo? Maybe the monarchy *is* a bad thing. Maybe our system of government *is* flawed? Problem is, it seems there’s no protest left. Where is this generation’s punk? By Darren Saunders

Echo Chamber 10: Glastonbury Dead? Not A Bit Of It.

Last week we ran an opinion piece by our features editor making the case that Glastonbury, as the hippy ideal that it once was, is dead and all that remains is a corporate behemoth. I’d like to now argue that this simply isn’t true. By Dan Salter

Echo Chamber 09: Is Glastonbury Dead?

Glastonbury died a long time ago…but it doesn’t matter – by Benjamin Bland

Echo Chamber 08: Better the Devil You Know? Internet, Social Media and the Independent

Is the internet really such a godsend for independent musicians? Justin Petrick investigates…

Echo Chamber 07: All Yesterday’s Parties

Why ATP’s demise comes as no surprise… – by Benjamin Bland

In Memoriam: Jeff Hanneman

In Memoriam: Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman dies at age 49 – By Ryan Stephenson

Echo Chamber 06: Culture as a Commodity?

Yesterday the culture secretary Maria Miller claimed that British art should be marketed as a commodity. Like highland beef, or Welsh coal, our culture should be packaged in neat, homogenous boxes, labelled up and shipped out to the highest bidder. Our response to that comes from Darren Saunders.

Echo Chamber 05: Sympathy for the Devils

Greed isn’t all that’s wrong with The Rolling Stones… – by Benjamin Bland

Echo Chamber 04: The Comeback Album

Why the comeback album is the real bane of the band reunion…

Echo Chamber 03: Corporate Bullshit…or The Brit Awards as we know it

Forgive me before I start ranting but I need to get this off my chest. I will try to build an honest argument and make sure all sides are accounted for. I feel I have to make a stand against the debacle of “entertainment” that invade our screens once again last week but it’s not just The Brits…this goes out to all you worthless award ceremonies….

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