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From My Parents: Mike Goodsoul

In the latest From My Parents piece, Mike from Goodsoul Promotions tells us about the influence his parents had on his musical beginnings.

From My Parent(s): Magda Wrzeszcz

“The biggest influence on my music taste – and my life in general for that matter – was, is and always will be my Mum.” In this week’s edition of our From My Parents series, Magda Wrzeszcz writes about how her mum has shaped her musical taste.

From My Parents: Inna Nemchenko

In the latest of our From My Parents series, Inna Nemchenko writes about how she has come to love being complimented on her music taste, as it grew from the influences of her parents and family.

From My Parents: Jamie Jones

“I may not listen to many of the same records as my mum or dad these days…But the attitudes they fostered in me run deep.” Jamie Jones writes about how his mum and dad’s influence affects his taste and attitude towards music, in the latest in our From My Parents series

From My Parents: Mark Angel Brandt

“Whether it was intentional or not, my parents set me on a path of discovery”. Mark Angel Brandt talks about the musical education his parents (perhaps inadvertently) gave him, in the latest of our feature series

From My Parents: Si Forster

“My parents weren’t really that into music when I was growing up” says Si Forster. Nevertheless, they left a lasting impressions on his musical memories, which he shares in the latest of our ‘From My Parents’ series

From My Parents: Cameron Piko

“For me, music was the perfect private rebellion”. In the second of our new feature series, Cameron Piko talks about the influence his parents had on the music he both listens to and makes

From My Parents: Jake Murray

“Mum was a hippy, dad was a rocker. They were both closet goths.” Jake Murray writes about the influence his parents had on his music taste in the first of our new feature series, ‘From My Parents’

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