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Paris (Slight Return)

On November 13th 2015 terrorism struck close to home in a literal and emotional sense. Our writer Si Forster had four close friends caught up in the horrific mayhem of the attack on the Eagles of Death Metal show at the Bataclan theatre in Paris and the whole team spent that night in frantic search for hard news among the chaos. This week EoDM return to Paris to finish the show, Si gave us a few thoughts on what it means.

Take Me Somewhere Nice

Back before the summer of 2014 we got the terrible news that one of our writers had been diagnosed with testicular cancer. However, the early prognosis was positive, some quick treatment and he should be back with us. Little did we realise then that it would turn in to a 14 month odyssey that would take Stephen to the brink physically and emotionally. In his own words, Stephen tells his story and how he used music as a crutch in the dark times.

Musical Therapy: Seasonal Music

“As the nights begin to draw in, as tents are put away for the winter, and jumpers are fished out from the backs of closets, my taste in music inextricably, inevitably, shifts. The music I seek out at this time of year is different to the music I seek out in the Summer. ” Hannah Morgan talks how the changing seasons change her music listening habits.

Musical Therapy – Music Has Been My Saviour

Music has always been my saviour, no matter what happens. By Cassie Graves

Musical Therapy – One, Two, Three, Four…

“NO wonder you’re depressed – that’s HORRENDOUS! Hey, you need to listen to something positive…maybe some upbeat dance music or something?” – by Suzy (Johnston) Syrett

Musical Therapy – Music as a Guide

“Music can guide, provide focus or even just allow a stability. In a way, music is everyone’s therapy through times of hardship and can be seen as our one true friend and guide…”

Musical Therapy: Better Days Will Haunt You

“I said to you on the night that we met, “I am not well”” ~ Waxahatchee. Chris Siviter on his battles with anxiety attacks and the healing power of music…

Musical Therapy: Alcoholism and Music

“Music is obviously synonymous with hedonism and excess but in the same way that to have a punk ethic you don’t have to look like the Sex Pistols, to make and play caustic, emotive, honest music you don’t have to be drunk”

Musical Therapy: Mark Down As Day (1)

“Everyone at some point will endure something that will rip their guts out…” – by Tom Brumpton

Musical Therapy: Finding the Words

Magda Wrzeszcz on the way music without words has helped her find her voice…

Musical Therapy: How Music Prevails

Content Warning: Suicide / Domestic Violence. “Music has given me an opportunity to relate to people…” – by Amy Murphy

Musical Therapy: Chuck Ragan Saved My Life

“Music is poetry for the soul…” – by Matthew P. Dingwall

Musical Therapy: Music Presses All the Right Buttons; Not Necessarily in the Right Order

Mood Music

Kirsten Parnell on the soothing power of the familiar and the wordless, in the latest part of our Musical Therapy series…

The Optimistic Penguin

The Optimistic Penguin provides food for thought on music’s relationship to mental health…


Continuing our Musical Therapy series, one musician emphasises how creating and performing can be the ultimate release…

The Relationship Between Music and Dying

Val LittleJohn uses her unique experience as a grief counsellor to express her opinions on the special connections that music can create…

Depression vs. Catharsis (((1)))

In the second of our Musical Therapy pieces, Grayson Hale offers his thoughts on the relationship between depression and catharsis…

Let’s just say I wasn’t always a rock star

On this bluest of blue Mondays we present the first installment of a new series exploring the relationship between music and mental health. Rumour Cubes’ Hannah Morgan talks us through why, for her, being in a band has been as beneficial as psychotherapy.

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