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Record Store Day 2013: Sister Ray Records

This Record Store Day, some of the Echoes and Dust team headed down to Berwick Street in Soho, which had been shut down by Sister Ray Records for a day-long street party. See how we got on!

Record Store Day 2013: Beer vs Records

This Record Store Day, Two Edinburgh independents; Song, by Toad Records and Barney’s Beer, are collaborating on a unique project to explore the question that’s plaguing the minds of many in the music business today; why are people prepared to spend £12 on a single round of beer, but think that’s too much to spend on a record? In the ultimate test of this theory, on Record Store Day 2013 the pair will be releasing eight songs on a limited run of 250 clear red vinyl records, in a beautiful sleeve featuring photos of the recording session taken by talented local photographer Nic Rue. Hannah Morgan went to find out more.

Record Store Day 2013: Release Overview

Overwhelmed by the massive Record Store Day 2013 UK release list? Have no fear, we’ve picked out some highlights for you…

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