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Resounding Echoes 2016 – Psych & Stoner Rock

This month the Roundup Team catch up on a swathe of the best psych and stoner rock from the last few months.

Resounding Echoes 2016 – Doom & Sludge Metal

“Sludge! Sludge! Glorious Sludge! Nothing quite like it for Barnaby Rudge!” So wrote Charles Dickens and what he didn’t know about Sunn O))), well, it wasn’t worth knowing in all honesty. Dickens would have loved many of the Doom/Sludge albums that hav …

Resounding Echoes 2016 – Post Rock & Post Metal

Welcome to a new feature which will seek to broaden our coverage of certain genres through pithy, ‘catch-up’ reviews of recent records we may have only just discovered, or not managed to get to around the release date.

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