(((O))) Category: EotF December 2014

Echoes of the Future: Meltybrains?

A veritable melting pot of ideas; hip hop beats fuse with ambient synths and post rock guitars.

Echoes of the Future: Clones of Clones

Dirty, dark rock music with big dynamics.

Echoes of the Future: Witchingseason

Hook driven alternative rock with a definite 90s influence.

Echoes of the Future: Tangled Thoughts of Leaving

Our most direct influences would probably be Cult of Luna, Neurosis, Sigur Rós, Ben Frost, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Hella, Swans and The Mars Volta.

Echoes of the Future: There Is No Teenage Love

Glorious ambient guitarscapes from these close cousins of the mighty Whale Fall.

Echoes of the Future: Endless Melancholy

A neoclassical ambiance that feels effortlessly comfortable and is a joy to listen to.

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