(((O))) Category: EotF June 2015

Echoes Of The Future: Outblinker

Fucking great, awesome kick drums, edgy loops and and overall just a more organic feel than most dance music without all the bullshit.

Echoes Of The Future: STRAKTOBEAM

STRAKTOBEAM grab krautrock by the lapels and drag it straight on to the dancefloor. This is psych music reimagined as funky fun.

Echoes of the Future: Less Win

Refreshingly spiky and direct post punk.

Echoes of the Future: Red River Dialect

In bringing something akin to post rock to the more traditional forms of folk music, Red River Music have created a sound that is at once comfortingly familiar and unsettlingly new.

Echoes of the Future: ALMA

A fragile falsetto dripping with melancholic longing hangs over a sumptuous bed of of piano and strings.

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