(((O))) Category: EotF March 2015

Echoes of the Future: Boom Said Thunder

Stunning. Just no other word for it; stunning. Sometimes a band just emerges out of the mists to totally blow your mind and Boom Said Thunder are one of those bands.

Echoes of the Future: Three Days Dark

Dark and brooding, yet somehow catchy, rock with a distinct psychedelic tinge.

Echoes of the Future: Pocket Apocalypse

Hollow by Pocket Apocalypse Pocket Apocalypse from UK: Find Us In 50 words or less, tell us what you sound like? We fuse elements of math rock with ambient post rock, but the common theme is melodic riffs with tight intricate rhythms and evocative voca …

Echoes of the Future: The Wax Girl

Everything about this album makes the hair on my arms rise and creates goosebumps all over. I would recommend you listen to this with headphones, or while driving through a thick patch of fog.

Echoes of the Future: Western Jaguar

In a similar vein to The Twighlight Sad, without the Scottish accents, Western Jaguar produce lush, complex and emotive indie rock.

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