(((O))) Category: EotF October 2014

Echoes of the Future: A Film In Color

Instrumental ambient rock music with elements of doom, drone, and shoegaze.

Echoes of the Future: Winter Isle

Driven sections influenced by the heavier bands we’ve been in, and the intricacy from folkier more classical projects.

Echoes of the Future: Hark

Taking influence from a core of mid-90s game-changers like Helmet, Clutch, Quicksand, Fudge Tunnel, Eyehategod, Neurosis and Tool.

Echoes of the Future: The Frozen North

Instrumental post-rock band that might fit somewhere in between Mogwai and Godspeed in your record collection.

Echoes Of The Future: BIINDS

Happy yet sad or dark yet uplifting; hard to decipher but always undeniably gorgeous.

Echoes of the Future: The Autumn Stones

If you’re a fan of bands like The National or The Smiths I think there is something here for you.

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