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Liverpool Psych Fest 2014

As the hordes of psych fans descended upon what can now be seen as the premier psych event in Europe, there was a certain excitement in the air. A feeling that this year was going to be special. This may be one that would go down in the annals of festival history. By Martyn Coppack

Liverpool Psych Fest 2014 Preview – What is psych?

One of the themes that is thrown up by this year’s Liverpool Psych Fest is the question of what exactly is psych? It’s a question that will be bandied about and indeed, there is even a symposium on the Saturday afternoon featuring discussions with all artists and record labels. We all have our own ides about what psych is and for this final part of our Psych Fest preview we thought it only fair to ask some of the bands playing there this year. We put a simple question to them and awaiting the replies…we think you’ll like this… By Martyn Coppack

Liverpool Psych Fest 2014 Preview – Luke Reilly from PNKSLM

PNKSLM are one of the most exciting new finds this year for Echoes and Dust and we have already succumbed to the wonderful delights of Les Big Byrd. We asked Luke Reilly his thoughts on the whole shebang and just exactly what happens in those legendary parties in Stockholm… By Martyn Coppack

Liverpool Psych Fest 2014 Preview – Chris & John from Rocket Recordings

And so we come to part 3 of our Liverpool Psych Fest preview and where do we head next? Well, one label at the forefront of the psych movement happen to have a showcase at the festival. It’s a label of legend in psych circles and the bands on their roster form an integral part of your experience at this years event. Let’s meet up with Chris and John from Rocket Recordings and see what they have to say for themselves… By Martyn Coppack

Liverpool Psych Fest 2014 Preview – White Hills

“Psychedelic music should reflect what a psychedelic trip is like. It takes you to furthest reaches of the universe and to the deepest darkest places within your soul. It’s beautiful and ugly, comforting and uncomfortable all at the same time.” – Martyn Coppack talks to Dave White from White Hills

Festival Preview: Liverpool Psych Fest 2014

September has landed and in psych circles that can only mean one thing, the imminent arrival of Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia…or just Liverpool Psych Fest to the regulars. It’s a time of celebration for a genre which has seen a renaissance in recent years and this year they have gone all out to bring you the best possible line up. To start off with though, we approached one of the founders, Chris and asked his whole take on this thing we call psych…. By Martyn Coppack

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