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Track Premiere: Labirinto – Gehenna

Labirinto | Website | Facebook | Bandcamp Within the vast territory of sounds that stretches between post rock and metal, Labirinto are South America’s most well-known band… and one of the very few outfits whose name and reputation has reac …

Exclusive Video Premiere: Ånd – Niedertracht

Ånd | Website | Facebook Founded by Benjamin Linz and Sebastian Fischbeck in the winter of 2015, Berlin based post-black metal Band Ånd released its debut album Aeternus in late 2016 on This Charming Man Records. Benjamin and Sebastian h …

Video Premiere: Twinesuns – System Regained

Twinesuns | Facebook | Bandcamp Twinesuns is sheer heaviness, defined by the complete absence of drums. With two guitars, moog synthesizers and a ton of different amplifiers, cabinets and pedals, the band has quickly developed their own unique tak …

Video Premiere: blanket – Acacia

There’s quite a backstory to the band blanket. A devastating house fire destroyed thousands of pounds worth of A/V equipment and nearly cost front man Bobby Pook his life. As the guitarist and songwriter fought defiantly amongst the flames of the home …

Video Premiere: Klone – Immersion

Klone | Website | Facebook On February 17th Pelagic Records will release Unplugged, the new album by progressive rockers Klone.  Unplugged contains 9 songs taken off the last 2 albums Here Comes The Sun and 2012’s The Dreamer’s …

Video Premiere:
Death Pedals – Good Dog

Video Premiere:
MONO – Requiem For Hell

Exclusive Video Premiere:
Kylver – Hy-Brasil

Track Premiere:
pg.lost – Off The Beaten Path

Video Premiere:
EF – Hiraeth

Video Premiere:
Casual Sect – World War 2 (Part 2)

Video Premiere:
Tid – Dumhetens Gudinna

Tid – Dumhetens Gudinna. Official lyric video. from Artax Film on Vimeo.

Exclusive Video Première:
Stay the Sea – Three Years

Video Première:
The Fifth Alliance – Your Abyss

Video Première: A Troop of Echoes – Small Fires

  A Troop of Echoes has a stunning ability to encompass multiple moods within a single song – at times simultaneously sounding both soothing and unsettling; other times both wistful and hopeful. In that, their sound is truly cinematic. Not “cinema …

Video: Snort – Shy Faced

Snort is an up and coming instrumental math rock/post rock quartet from Chicago. The band featured a new track called “Shy Faced” on the recently released compilation album Math & Atlases: Chicago, which is the second in a series of three Math …

Video Première: Terminal Gods – Boundless

Our favourite scuzzy neo-goths are back, this time with a ‘Christmas single’ and suitably funereal accompanying video.

Video Première: Australasia – Haxo

We are proud to bring you the new video from Italian ‘blackened’ post rock band Australasia. Tinged with shoegaze melancholia, ethereal minimal electronica and monumental distorted guitar cascades, ‘Haxo’ is taken from their new album Notturno which is available now through UK based label Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings.

Video première: Chron Goblin – Fuller

Canadian heavy rockers Chron Goblin première their new video for the track ‘Fuller’, which is from their latest album ‘Backwater’.

Exclusive single première:
Anfinnsaas – Svensk Revelje

Anfinnsaas is a Norwegian duo that plays an earth-shattering blend of Nordic traditional music and metal. Listen to their new single ‘Svensk Revelje’, which is exclusively premièring on Echoes and Dust.

Video Première: Terminal Gods – Road Of The Law

  Since their inception in 2011, Terminal Gods have picked up the ‘Goth’ laid down by the likes of Sisters of Mercy baton and very much run with it. They combine scuzzy riffing with pounding beats but also a certain catchiness.  ‘Road Of The Law’ …

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