We get more submissions than we can ever reply to let alone listen to but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances.

Send us an email with the band name, whether it’s an album or ep and the release date in the subject.

In the body keep it short & sweet but make sure you tell us something about what you sound like and links to your Facebook and Bandcamp or Soundcloud if you’ve got them. If you’re not on Bandcamp or Soundcloud then you’re doing it wrong, frankly.

Any artwork or press shots are always useful as well.


If you would like to write for us or contact us about submitting stuff to review etc then drop us a line to editor@echoesanddust.com

If your band is of the more Metal / Doom / Sludge persuasion then drop a line to Sander on metal@echoesanddust.com

If you’d like us to come & review your live show, then contact Spud on gigs@echoesanddust.com

We really do prefer digital submissions these days, they take up less room, but if you really want to send us something physical then please contact the relevant person above to get an address!

11 + 5 =

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