Exclusive Video Premiere: The Higher Line – ‘Grace In Fear’

Counterlife is the debut album from London’s post-hardcore proponents, The Higher Line.

Video Premiere: OSEES – ‘Earthling’

  Completely reinventing their line-up with brass and percussion into a new hot and raw sci-fi sound, OSEES share ‘Earthling’, the psychedelic second single from their upcoming LP, SORCS 80, due later this year via Castle Face Records. Frontm …

Exclusive Video Premiere: The Oscillation – ‘Sovereign’

‘Sovereign’ is the uplifting third single-premiere from acclaimed The Start Of The End.

Oh Hiroshima – All Things Shining: A track by track guide

Sweden’s stalwart, slow burning post-rock outfit Oh Hiroshima return with their 5th album ‘All Things Shining’. Read the track by track guide here.

Under the Influence with Jon Ehlers from Bangladeafy

NYC synth-punks Bangladeafy released their new album ‘Vultures’ today. We asked Jon Ehlers from the band about 3 albums that have influenced their music a lot.

Exclusive Album Premiere: DANAVA – Live

DANAVA Live – feel that metal on metal!

Exclusive Track Premiere: Lord Buffalo – ‘Cracks in the Vermeer’

Lord Buffalo is heavy in the way that ghosts are heavy… in the way that billowing dust is heavy.

Excusive Album Premiere: Hypnodrone Ensemble • The Problem Is In The Sender – Do Not Tamper With The Receiver

Canadian experimental guitarists Aidan Baker & Eric Quach originally formed Hypnodrone Ensemble in Berlin, Germany in 2014 to explore the conjunctions of atmospheric, space rock-ish, shoegazery music with motorik, krautrock-ish, propulsive beats to offer immersive, psychedelic, and transportive performances.

Under The Influence with Rocky’s Pride & Joy

We thought it about time we prised open some of the the paranormal power-trio’s secrets, so we asked them to share three records that inspired and influenced All The Colours Of Darkness.

Under the Influence with GURT

Party doom riff merchants GURT released their new album ‘Satan Etc’ last week, so we asked the band about some of their influences.

Exclusive Video Premiere: POHL – ‘Revelation’

This song is about the end of the world. Or is it? In tarot the Death card signifies deep transformation rather than physical death. Perhaps that’s where we’re heading – a brave new world.

White Willow – Sacrament

Sacrament is the album that puts you right in the middle of danger, horror, eerie stories coming to life, and the ascending nightmare that’ll take you closer to the edge and descend into madness.

Under The Influence with Old Horn Tooth

Last heard slinging fuzzed-out doom on their 2019 album, From The Ghost Grey Depths, July 5th will see the official worldwide release of Mourning Light, the brand-new studio album from the London-based trio Old Horn Tooth.For any fans of the genre that …

Under The Influence with Jay Holmes (FVRMN)

The FVRMN frontman waxes lyrical about the four records that have been his greatest influences.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Kulk – A Heavy Sigh

Exclusive premiere of the second single from just out It Gets Worse (via Human Worth) with 10% of all sales proceeds donated to the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund.

Exclusive Video Premiere: FVRMN – Esoteric Lover

Back To The Whip was meant to be a “one and done” kind of a raw slam punch to the guts; but once he got a few friends on board to help out, things began shaping up into a more refined type of beast with multiple layers that slowly began to expose themselves with each repeated listen.


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