Echoes of the Past: White Willow – Ex Tenebris

Going through the second album is like looking through an old scrapbook, reflecting the wonderful memories you had.

Under the Influence with Copse and Hidden Mothers

UK post-black metal bands Copse and Hidden Mothers have announced a short UK tour in February. Gary Davidson asked both bands to pick three albums that left a mark on them which they carried into their respective bands.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Cower – Hard-Coded in the Souls of Men

Featuring the musical might of Tom Lacey (Yards, The Ghost of a Thousand), Wayne Adams (Petbrick, JAAW, Big Lad) and Gareth Thomas (USA Nails, The Eurosuite) COWER is a collaborative project of three friends celebrating a lifetime of music exploration together.

Exclusive Track Premiere: Yama Uba – ‘Shapes’

I’ve always been attracted to shapeshifters in folklore, and curious as to why their ability to change form incites fear. But I thought if I was a shapeshifter, I would feel more fear during the vulnerable state of change itself. We experience that sort of thing in our most intimate relationships. . .

Under the Influence – VIRTA

Helsinki’s experimental post-rockers pick three albums that have hugely influenced their-just released LP, Horros

Under the Influence with ZAHN

Chris Breuer from German post–modern noise rock ensemble ZAHN talks about 3 releases that have influenced him a lot musically.

Exclusive Video Premiere: A.L. Lacey – ‘Memo’

The crux of ‘Memo’ is Sun Tzu’s well-worn phrase, ‘keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer’. It is, by far, the angriest moment on the album. . .

White Willow – Ignis Fatuus

With Jacob Holm-Lupo’s remastering sound on Ignis Fatuus, he brings in these vibrant textures to make it sound crisp, up to date, and respectable to the original.

Under the Influence with Dylan LeBlanc

To celebrate his just-released LP, Coyote, we asked singer-songwriter Dylan LeBlanc to share four records that were hugely influential on his new album.

John Howard – Kid in a Big World

Howard’s the unsung hero that would have given the ‘70s singer-songwriting genre, a real massive kick in the gut.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Pound Land – New Labour

‘New Labour’, serves as perfect introduction to Pound Land and the album, Violence – all grime and grind but definitely no glitter!

Exclusive Track Premiere: Forêt Endormie – ‘La chaleur était rare’

Describing themselves as “Apocalyptic Chamber Folk”, Forêt Endormie is a chamber ensemble formed in 2016 by Falls of Rauros guitarist and composer Jordan Guerette, hailing from the “Forest City” of Portland, Maine (USA).

Under the Influence with Ex Everything

Ex Everything will release ‘Slow Change Will Pull Us Apart’ on Neurot Recordings in November. Guitarist Jon Howell talks to us about 3 records that have influenced their sound.

Exclusive Video Premiere: MXLX – ‘Kitab Siriyun’

On listening to the opening track from Saint, lead single, ‘Kitab Siriyun’, a joyful life of enheavyment and riffology can be sensed. Seismic doomy riffs with processed black n’ roll drums might sit satisfyingly between the sturm of Kverletak and the drang of Neurosis but that is just a fraction of what is going on here. . .

Under the Influence with Marthe

Marthe has her musical background in the anarcho punk scene and is inspired by riot grrrl, crust and d-beat. Ahead of the release of new album ‘Further In Evil’, check out her influences here.

Under the Influence with Justin Pearson

Don’t Fall in Love with Yourself is a new documentary by Jon Nix which is about the life and music of Justin Pearson. To celebrate its release Justin talks to us about 3 documentaries that have influenced him a lot.



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