Under the Influence with Fågelle

Emerging out of the nordic experimental music scene, Fågelle is a wild collision of lyrical beauty and unhinged, raw expression. Ahead of her new album release next year we asked her about 3 releases that have influenced her a lot.

Under the Influence with Abronia

Abronia are experimental psych six piece based in Portland, Oregon USA. Ahead of the band’s Supersonic Festival appearance we asked them about 3 influential releases.

Under the Influence with Dave Palenske from Volcandra

Volcandra are a melodic black metal band that draws a lot of influence from video games and sci-fi / fantasy fiction. The band’s vocalist Dave Palenske talks to Echoes and Dust about 3 releases that have influenced them a lot.

Under The Influence with Bridear

J-Metal’s Fukuoka Five share a quintet of albums that are their greatest influences.

Under the Influence with Emilio Toreggiani from Tenebra

Guitarist Emilio Toreggiani from Italian stoner rock powerhouse Tenebra talks to Echoes and Dust about 3 releases that have influenced the band a lot.

Under The Influence with Myles Newman

Rising Americana singer-songwriter, Myles Newman, shares three albums that have been major influences on his music.

Under the Influence with Kyle Walburn from Tómarúm

Tómarúm is a US-based atmospheric black metal and technical death metal band who just released their debut album Ash in Realms of Stone Icons on Prosthetic Records. Singer/guitarist Kyle Walburn talks to us about three releases that have influenced him a lot.

Under The Influence with Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien from Blunt Chunks

Blunt Chunks, the project of Toronto-based Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien (Jaunt) will release her self-titled debut EP on May 6 via Telephone Explosion Records. The new EP, which can be downloaded here, also features members of The Weather Station, Broken So …

Under the Influence with Ben Verellen from Helms Alee

Seattle based three-piece Helms Alee will release their new album ‘Keep This Be The Way’ this week. We asked guitarist/vocalist Ben Verellen about three releases that have influenced the band a lot.

Echoes of the Past – Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come – Eternal Messenger: An Anthology 1970-1973

If you interested to be a part of the Eternal Messenger’s rocket ship, be prepared to explore the sound, vision, and out of this world craziness from Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come.

Under The Influence with LibraLibra

A chaotic postmodern Frankenstein’s monster, LibraLibra sits simmering in the fractured space between art-pop and punk. A Pandora’s box that first opened itself to the world in 2018, LibraLibra has continued to erode the stability of convention with ea …

Under The Influence with THE ASTEROID NO.4

Stalwarts of the modern ‘psych’ scene, California-based psychedelic-rock legends The Asteroid No.4 released their new album ‘Tones of the Sparrow’ last week (25th March) via Club AC30.Heavily inspired by the UK shoegaze scene including My Blo …

Echoes of the Past: Sid Smith – In the Court of King Crimson: An Observation over Fifty Years

If you want to get into the sound of the band’s music, then Sid Smith’s book is a must have by entering the Cirkus of the Sailor’s Tale.

Under the Influence with Without Waves

Atmospheric post-metallers Without Waves will release their new album ‘Comedian’ on Prosthetic Records soon. We asked the band to give us 3 releases that have influenced them a lot.

Farewell, Dark Prince: A Tribute To Mark Lanegan

Dan Salter (Editor) This one really, really hurts. Of all the passings of musicians in the last few years, of which there have been far to many, hearing of the untimely death of Mark Lanegan has hit me harder than anyone since David Bowie. Just finding …

Echoes of the Past: Renaissance – Scheherazade and Other Stories

…an amazing reissue that gives Scheherazade and Other Stories the treatment it deserves. And I hope there’ll be a few more Renaissance reissues to come in 2022. But let’s take a trip down to the fair, and fly on our magic carpet to hear the stories of the Arabian Nights once more with an operatic form.


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