Colin H. van Eeckhout from Amenra

Gavin Brown caught up with the Amenra’s vocalist Colin H. van Eeckhout to hear all about their latest album ‘De Doorn’, the band’s new line-up, the Belgian H8000 hardcore scene and his work as a solo artist.

Interview: unavena from trajedesaliva

Adriana Ciccone caught up with spoken word artist and half of trajedesaliva, unavena, to discuss how the band came to be, the new album and more.

Heath Rave from Lotus Thrones

Gavin Brown caught up with Heath Rave from Lotus Thrones to talk all about the new record ‘Lovers In Wartime’ and his return to making music as well as covering Bad Brains, his hardcore roots and what Lotus Thrones have planned for the future.

Dylan DiLella

Gavin Brown caught up with Dylan Dilella to hear all about his new solo album ‘Human Shield’, its creation, how the album came to be and what shaped the record as well as what Pyrrhon have planned for the future, the differences between the band and his solo work and who have been the biggest influences on his guitar playing.

Big Paul Ferguson from Killing Joke

Gavin Brown caught up with Killing Joke drummer Big Paul Ferguson to talk about his new solo album ‘Virtual Control’, the making of the album and just how it fits in with the chaos the world finds itself in currently as discussing the upcoming Killing Joke tour and  the band’s new album.

Interview: healthyliving

A few weeks ago we premiered the incredible new video for the track, ‘below’, from Maud the moth’s new band healthyliving. Today, we not only premiere their new video, ‘until’, but also share Adriana Ciccone’s interview with founders Amaya, Scott and Stefan where they talk about the video, the new project, and more.

Gentry Densley from Iceburn

Gavin Brown caught up with Iceburn guitarist / vocalist Gentry Densley to hear about the band’s return, how they have developed their sound and the creation of new album Asclepius as well as looking back on the history of Iceburn, from the band’s early days on hardcore labels Victory and Revelation all the way up to what they have planned for the future.

Daníel Máni Konráðsson from Ophidian I

Gavin Brown caught up with Ophidian I guitarist Daníel Máni Konráðsson to hear all about their new album Desolate as well as the return of the band and the evolution of their sound, the music scene in their native Iceland, memorable gigs and their favourite technical death metal albums.

Muck Spreader

“We actively try to distance ourselves from scenes. With improvisation, it’s easy for your art to be clouded by pretence. In the band, we have all sorts of different tastes but, we try to ignore all that and make muck” – Vincent, Muck Spreader.

Andrea Ferro from Lacuna Coil

Gavin Brown caught up with Lacuna Coil vocalist Andrea Ferro to hear all about their latest live album ‘Live From The Apocalypse’ and the show it was recorded and much more.

Eric Rachmany from Rebelution

Gavin Brown caught up with Rebelution vocalist / guitarist Eric Rachmany to talk about their latest album ‘In The Moment’ and what went into the making of the album as well as discussing legendary reggae label Easy Star and Rebelutions history with the label, dub versions of the bands songs, how he got into reggae and the anticipation of playing live again.

Blasphemer praising their Paraguayan Roots

Luis Battilana from Paraguay based band Blasphemer talks to Guido Segers about the band and their music, singing in the original language Guaraní and much more.

Martin Eriksson from Sickrecy

Gavin Brown caught up with drummer / bassist Martin Eriksson from grindcore band Sickrecy to talk about their new EP ‘First World Anxiety’ and how Sickrecy started plus the importance of grindcore, punk and hardcore on the band and himself.

Luke Olson from Blue Ox

Gavin Brown caught up Blue Ox vocalist / bassist Luke Olson to hear all about their new album ‘Holy Vore’, its creations as well as the band’s hiatus and return, the influences on the sound of Blue Ox and their hopeful return to the road.

Wanderer (+ Exclusive Album Premiere)

Gavin Brown caught up with d-beat/hardcore band Wanderer to hear all about their new album ‘Liberation From A Brutalist Existence’ and what went into its creation and much more.

Tir: Exploring the Mists of Time

Oytun Bektas makes dark folk / dungeon synth under the moniker Tir. His music has been well-received in the world of synth lovers as being of remarkable, singular quality. Guido Segers finds out more.



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