Bob Bagchus from Siege of Power

Gavin Brown caught up with Siege of Power drummer Bob Bagchus who talked us through their new album ‘This Is Tomorrow’ and a host of other musical endeavours.

Mike Watt

Gavin Brown caught up with Mike Watt who told us all about his project Spirit Of Hamlet as well as the vast range of music he is currently working on, influences on his bass playing and his time in the legendary Stooges and Minutemen.

Gary Thibert of They Grieve

Adriana Ciccone caught up with They Grieve vocalist and guitarist Gary Thibert to talk about their new record ‘To Which I Bore Witness’, its creation and more.

Ryan Bland from ACHE

Gavin Brown caught up with ACHE vocalist Ryan Bland, and he told us all about the new record and its creation as well as discussing the band’s recent live shows, memorable gigs, how he got into hardcore and much more.

Anna Brenner from League Of Distortion

Gavin Brown caught up with League Of Distortion vocalist Anna Brunner to hear all about the new album as well as discussing League Of Distortion’s stunning music videos, touring plans and the challenge of playing in multiple bands.

Jerry A. from Poison Idea / Crime Scene

Gavin Brown caught up with Jerry A. Lang to get the lowdown his new solo record and new Crime Scene record as well as hearing about his legacy with Poison Idea.

Donald Tardy from Obituary

Gavin Brown had the pleasure to catch up with Obituary drummer Donald Tardy to talk about the new album ‘Dying From Everything’, tales from the road and Obituary’s undisputed legacy as a classic metal band.

Christine Ott & Mathieu Gabry from Snowdrops

Adriana Ciccone had the incredible opportunity to interview multi-instrumentalists Christine Ott and Mathieu Gabry and ask about the new Snowdrops album and more.

Kevin Rutmanis from Cows/Tomahawk (+ Crackpot Whorehead Exclusive Album Premiere)

Gavin Brown caught up with Kevin Rutmanis (Cows/Tomahawk) to talk about the new record from his band hepa.Titus and a collaborative effort between himself and Tomahawk band mate Trevor Dunn called Crackpot Whorehead.

Elisabeth Elektra from Silver Moth

Adriana Ciccone caught up with Elisabeth Elektra from a new band called Silver Moth, ahead of the release of their debut album, Black Bay on April 21st via Bella Union.

Dejan Rosic from Screamer

Gavin Brown caught up with Screamer guitarist Dejan Rosic to hear all about their new album Kingmaker, Screamer live and Swedish metal.

Rusty Powers from Unhallowed Earth (+ Exclusive Track Stream)

Gary Davidson caught up with Unhallowed Earth song writer, guitarist and vocalist Rusty Powers to unveil the first single ‘Wharf’ and detail the struggle not to be lost in the annals of the internet to ass cream and local rap stars.

Interview: Eric Quach and Jim Demos of Houses of Worship

Adriana Ciccone caught up with Eric Quach and Jim Demos to talk about their musical project Houses of Worship and their latest album and film titled Migration.

John Joseph from Bloodclot

Gavin Brown caught up with John Joseph to get the lowdown on the new Bloodclot line-up and Souls EP as well as discussing the enduring influence of the legendary Bad Brains and memories of Bloodclot guitarist, the late, great Todd Youth.

10 Years of Art As Catharsis

In November 2022, Sydney based Art As Catharsis celebrated its 10 year anniversary. A by-word for innovative and experimental music that’s far from run-of-the-mill, Stuart Benjamin caught up with label owner and friend of E&D, Lachlan Dale for a look back.

Jason Evans from Ingested

Gavin Brown caught up with Ingested vocalist Jason Evans to hear all about the changes that the death metallers have gone through until the arrival of Ashes Lie Still as well as their recent tour escapades, what the future plans are for Ingested and more.



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