Burton C. Bell from Ascension Of The Watchers / Fear Factory

Gavin Brown had a chat with vocalist Burton C. Bell to talk about the new Ascension Of The Watchers album, his time with Fear Factory, working with Ministry, being in a band with a Geezer Butler, touring with Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath and his enduring admiration for Nick Cave.


Gavin Brown caught up with Mortiis to see what music he has been working on recently and what he has planned for the future as well as how he is doing during the pandemic and more, in a very interesting and entertaining chat.

Lu Edmonds and Mark Roberts from Blabbermouth

Gavin Brown had a chat with Lu Edmonds and Mark Roberts from Blabbermouth to discuss the band’s new material as well as their last album ‘Hörspiel’, how they got together and their rich musical history that has included working with everyone from Public Image Ltd and The Damned to Neneh Cherry and Massive Attack and much more.

Mike De La O from Skeletal Remains

Gavin Brown caught up with Skeletal Remains guitarist Mike De La O to hear about the recording of their new album, the difficulties doing so during a world pandemic and much more.


SØWT is a noise-rock band, featuring the frustrated youth of the Eindhoven music scene. Expressing ourselves using strong personal lyrics, freaky screams and heavy sound explosions. We try to create beautiful melodies that get ripped apart by the horror of our daily existence. Our music shifts between the dissonant and the pleasurable, the gritty and the polished, the passion and aggression and the calm and cool.

Jonny Warren from KUYASHII

Adriana Ciccone caught up with multi-instrumentalist Jonny Warren to talk about KUYASHII, his influences and much more.

Michael Berdan from Uniform

Gavin Brown caught up with the Uniform’s vocalist Michael Berdan to hear all about their new album and its sound and creation as well as working with kindred spirits The Body, Uniform’s pre-lockdown tour and what music is influencing him and the band.

Bryan Elkins from Twin God (+ Exclusive Album Stream)

Gavin Brown caught up with Twin God’s Bryan Elkins to get an insight into their new EP ‘Deaths’ and its creation as well as the history of Twin God and their musical progression, and much more.

Luca Indrio from Necrot

Gavin Brown caught up with Necrot vocalist/bassist Luca Indrio to hear all about their new album as well as well as touring with favourites like Exhumed and Cannibal Corpse, the new wave of bands that they are a part of and all things death metal related.

Evan Patterson from Jaye Jayle

Gavin Brown caught up with Jaye Jayle’s Evan Patterson to hear all about their new album Prisyn, how it was created and the electronic influence on the record as well as the prospect of returning to the live arena, working on music with his parttner Emma Ruth Rundle and his other band Young Widows.

Jeff Clayton from ANTiSEEN

Gavin Brown caught up with ANTiSEEN’s vocalist Jeff Clayton to hear all about the history of ANTiSEEN, their recent live-streamed gig, their history with the infamous GG Allin and much more.


Gavin Brown caught up with Youth to chat about the Acid Punk Dub Apocalypse album, the next Killing Joke album, his production skills, working with Paul McCartney, Kate Bush and Big Youth and his adventures in acid house, punk and dub in a very informative chat.

Richard Grassby-Lewis from Holomen (w/ Exclusive Track Stream)

So, in the interests of full disclosure, I need to mention that Richard is my uncle and has been something of an inspiration to me throughout my life as he was my first exposure to the life of a working musician. Seeing him play Glastonbury with his band Startled Insects in the early 80s went a long way to set me on the path the eventually lead to this website being born, so when he came to me with news of his new project that sat nicely within the musical sphere that we cover here at E&D, working with Tony Levin of King Crimson, I had to take the chance to interview him really!

Steve Von Till

Gavin Brown had the pleasure of catching up with Steve Von Till again to hear all about his new record ‘No Wilderness Deep Enough’ and the creative process that went into it, as well as discussing his book of poetry and lyrics that accompany the release of the album.

Hawkwind: Days Of The Underground. Radical Escapism in the Age Of Paranoia. An interview with Joe Banks

The fact that they were so closely associated with the counterculture meant that they continually got it in the neck as ‘aging hippies’, but they were hugely influential on the early punks. Members of the Sex Pistols, Clash, Damned etc were all fans, but it was their anti-establishment, anyone-can-do-it attitude that had just as much of an impact as their music.

Kadeem Ward brings psychedelica and black metal to Barbados

Guido Segers had an interesting conversation with Kadeem Ward who over a decade ago formed the band Conrad, together with two other musicians from other countries, which was the first extreme metal band from Barbados.



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