Bob Bagchus from Siege of Power

Gavin Brown caught up with Siege of Power drummer Bob Bagchus who talked us through their new album ‘This Is Tomorrow’ and a host of other musical endeavours.


Gavin Brown caught up with Vylana to talk their album Goddess Rise, working with violinist Laura Escudé on it, her musical journey, working with Jon Hopkins and how her year in music and her life has been.

Steven McDonald from Melvins / Redd Kross

Gavin Brown caught up with Melvins bass player Steven McDonald who discussed their new album Bad Mood Rising and the band’s live shows this year as well as delving into what his other band Redd Kross are up to.

Kevin Fitzgerald from High Command

Gavin Brown caught up with High Command vocalist Kevin Fitzgerald and he told us all about the new album, the world of Secartha, High Command’s recent tours and his music highlights of 2022.

JJ from Toxic Reasons

Gavin Brown caught up with Toxic Reasons drummer JJ, who talked us through the reissues in depth and gave us an insight into the past, present and future of Toxic Reasons.


Gavin Brown sat down with Jarboe to talk about her second album ‘Sacrificial Cake’ and its re-release, in a in-depth, detailed and inspirationally informative interview.

Ian Miller from Interesting Times Gang (+ Exclusive Album Premiere)

Gavin Brown caught up with Ian Miller from Interesting Times Gang, who told us all about new album ‘The Spirit Of Science Fiction’, as well as discussing all manner of things about breaks, beats and hip hop.

Marie Arleth Skov

Marie Arleth Skov is a Danish art historian living in Berlin who recently wrote the book ‘Punk Art History: Artworks from the European No Future Generation’. Tim Foster spoke with Marie about punk art and the themes explored in the book.

Tom Hazelmyer from Amphetamine Reptile Records

Gavin Brown had the pleasure of talking to AmRep founder Tom Hazelmyer to discuss the past, present and future of one of the greatest independent rock labels of all time.

Gustaf Jorde from Defleshed

Gavin Brown caught up with Defleshed bassist/vocalist Gustaf Jorde to hear all about new album ‘Grind Over Matter’ and the return of the band after all these years.

Tom Angelripper from Sodom

Gavin Brown caught up with Sodom founder and vocalist/bassist Tom Angelripper to hear all about the new compilation release, forty years of Sodom and much more.


Oxbow kindly take time out of their day to talk to Greg Hyde about their latest release ‘An Eternal Reminder of Not Today/Live at Moers’.

Michael Crain from Dead Cross

Gavin Brown caught up with Dead Cross guitarist Michael Crain to hear all about Dead Cross and their new album ‘II’ as well as talking about solo work, favourite guitarists, Black Flag and Slayer.

Blag Dahlia

Gavin Brown had a no holds barred chat with Blag Dahlia to find out all about Ralph Champagne, his new book, The Dwarves and all manner of raising sheer hell throughout his career!

Charlotta Anderson from Charlotta’s Burning Trio (CB3)

With CB3 in the midst of preparing for a few autumn gigs, Adriana Ciccone caught up with guitarist Charlotta Andersson to find out more about the new album and more.

Macky Bowman from The Bobby Lees

Gavin Brown caught up with The Bobby Lees drummer Macky Bowman to hear all about Bellevue and the band’s new material as well as their recent European tour and having Henry Rollins as a fan of the group and their music.



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