Kevin Fitzgerald from High Command

Gavin Brown caught up with High Command vocalist Kevin Fitzgerald and he told us all about the new album, the world of Secartha, High Command’s recent tours and his music highlights of 2022.

Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan from Venom Inc.

Gavin Brown had the pleasure of talking to Venom Inc. vocalist/bassist Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan about their new album ‘There’s Only Black’ and all things Venom Inc. in a very entertaining chat about the band and their metal legacy.  

Chris Reifert from Autopsy

Gavin Brown caught up with Autopsy vocalist/drummer Chris Reifert to talk about their new album ‘Morbidity Triumphant’, the history of Autopsy, death metal and the host of others bands he has been in like Death, Abscess and Siege Of Power in a conversation with a true death metal legend.

Jordon Strong from No Sun

Gavin Brown caught up with No Sun guitarist/vocalist Jordon Strang to hear all about the making on In The Interim and the evolution of No Sun as well as shoegaze, alternative music in Salt Lake City, covering the Dead Kennedys and more.

Sally Gates from Titan to Tachyons

Gavin Brown caught up with Titan To Tachyons guitarist Sally Gates to hear all about the new album ‘Vonals’ and its creation, the band’s new lineup and their blending of many different influences to create their music.

Tony Wright

Gavin Brown had an extensive chat with Tony Wright about his new record ‘The Anti Album’ and its creation, hitting the road as a solo artist and his time with Terrorvision.

Jon Necromancer from Bones

Gavin Brown caught up with Bones vocalist/bassist Jon Necromancer, who tells us all about their new album Vomit and its creation as well as all manner of sleaze, wild gigs and the metal scene in Chicago.

Marc Bourgon from Greber

Gavin Brown caught up with Greber vocalist/bassist Marc Bourgon to talk about new album Fright Without and other topics including working with Kurt Ballou, live shows and his time with fellow Canadian grinders Fuck The Facts.

Amanda Gjelaj and Josh Gomez from The Machinist

Gavin Brown spoke to The Machinist vocalist Amanda Gjelaj and guitarist Josh Gomez to discuss the new album ‘All Is Not Well’ and much more.

Alasdair Dunn from Ashenspire

Chad Murray talks to Alasdair Dunn from Scottish avantgarde black-metal band Ashenspire to find out more about the band and their latest brilliant album Hostile Architecture.

Chris Spencer from Unsane

Gavin Brown caught up with Unsane vocalist/guitarist Chris Spencer to hear all about the return of the band, their upcoming European tour and return to the stage, his other band Human Impact and all manner of Unsane activity both past and present.

Torsten Kinsella from God Is An Astronaut

To mark the twentieth anniversary of their debut, Irish post-rock group God Is An Astronaut re-recorded it live in the studio. Nick Dunn sat down with Torsten Kinsella from the band and talk to him all about it.

Sinking Suns

Gavin Brown caught up with all the members of Sinking Suns to talk about their latest album Dark Days, live shows, the music of their hometown of Madison, Wisconsin and a whole host of noise rock related topics.

Chris Wilson and Dan Arrowsmith from Row of Ashes

Gary Davidson sat down with Row of Ashes drummer Dan Arrowsmith and bassist/vocalist Chris Wilson to discuss the changes in the band’s size and sound as well as traverse the history of releases, formats and future plans.

Anthony Chalmers from Raw Power Festival

Gavin Brown caught up with Raw Power Festival organiser Anthony Chalmers to talk about this year’s festival and memorable moments from the festivals past.

Tony Foresta from Municipal Waste

Gavin Brown caught up with Municipal Waste vocalist Tony Foresta to hear all about their latest album Electrified Brain, crazy tour stories and his new band Heaven’s Gate.



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