Duane Denison from The Jesus Lizard

Prior to The Jesus Lizard announcing their return, Gavin Brown had the pleasure of catching up with guitar maestro Duane Denison to get an insight into the new album as well as discussing his life in music which includes his work with Tomahawk and so much more.

Jim Hodge from Mastiff

Gavin Brown caught up with Mastiff vocalist Jim Hodge to hear how the tour went down as well as getting an insight into their new album Deprecipice and discussing what is next for the mighty Mastiff.

John Jarvis from Nest & Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Gavin Brown caught up with Nest vocalist/guitarist John Jarvis who gave us the lowdown on what went into the creation of Endeavors as well as the band’s new label Housecore Records, and more.

Brian Rush from Skeletal Remains, Aenigmatun, Old Machines, and much more…

To say Brian Rush is always working on music is an understatement. He recently discussed several topics with J. Donovan Malley, including managing multiple projects, his label Pale Magus Productions, some of his influences and favorite gigs, and much more.

Tommy Meehan from Squid Pisser / GWAR (+ Exclusive Track Premiere)

Gavin Brown caught up with Squid Pisser guitar master Tommy Meehan to hear all about their latest releases, his role as new guitarist in the mighty GWAR, his other band Cancer Christ and loads more.

Douglas and Siobhan from Cwfen

David Bowes spoke to Siobhan and Douglas of Scottish doomsters Cwfen to discuss their first year as a band and what comes next.

Lucas Anderson from Funeral Leech

Gavin Brown caught up with Funeral Leech drummer / vocalist Lucas Anderson to hear all about their new album The Illusion Of Time as well as discussing his favourite mournful songs, New York albums and powerful live shows.

Matt Cronk and Michael Crain from CNTS

Gavin Brown caught up with both Matt Cronk and Michael Craine from CNTS to hear about the new album in depth, the return of CNTS and how catharsis fuelled the album’s power.

Eric Stucke from Dripping Decay

Eric Stucke spoke with J. Donovan Malley recently about Dripping Decay, his other musical projects, influences, being a synth freak, and more.

Pierce Williams from Skeletal Remains

Gavin Brown caught up with Skeletal Remains drummer Pierce Williams who told us all about their new album Fragments Of The Ageless as well as discussing all manner of death metal related topics.

Grutle and Ivar from Enslaved

Shortly before their headlining show at the Islington Assembly Hall kicked off, Grutle Kjellson and Ivar Bjørnson—the backbone of Enslaved from day one—chatted with Joe Norman, while Taile Rose Eigelund photographed the interview.

Brenner Moate from Brat

Gavin Brown caught up with Brat guitarist Brenner Moate to all about their album Social Grace, the New Orleans heavy music scene, the Barbie movie and more.

Uffe Cederlund from Haystack / Entombed / Disfear

Gavin Brown caught up with Uffe Cederlund from Haystack to talk about their new album Doomsday Goes Away as talking about his time in Swedish death metal masters Entombed and d-beat blasters Disfear among other musical projects.

Kavus Torabi

“We see Gong and our live shows as a ritual of transformation.” Kavus Torabi talks with Gaz Cloud and reflects on space, time and touring with Ozric Tentacles.

Scott Taylor from Vnder A Crvmbling Moon

With ‘II: Aging & Formless’ on the horizon, David Bowes spoke to Scott Taylor of post-metal quintet Vnder A Crvmbling Moon to discuss the band’s evolution and future.

Kyle Thomas from Exhorder

Gavin Brown caught up with Exhorder vocalist/guitarist Kyle Thomas to hear all about their new album ‘Defectum Omnium’ as well as discussing the band’s new lineup and much more.



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