Ionophore (+ Exclusive Album Premiere)

Ionophore play dark, ambient music and this is personified on their brilliant new album Knells which they are just about to release. Gavin Brown has a chat with the band to find out more.

Varkâna: Iranian Underground Dungeon Synth

Varkâna is one of those unlikely acts to find on your path, experimenting with dungeon synth and its cousin dark ambient to create sonic experiences from his homeland Iran. Guido Segers finds out more.

John Bush from Armored Saint / Anthrax

Gavin Brown caught up with vocalist John Bush to hear all about the latest Armored Saint album ‘Punching The Sky’ and the potential of playing the new material live as well as memories of his time with both Armored Saint and Anthrax and how he is keeping busy during the pandemic.

Dana Helmuth from Yatra

Gavin Brown had a chat with Yatra vocalist/guitarist Dana Helmuth to discuss their latest album ‘All Is Lost’ as well as their prodigious recording output so far, memories of memorable gigs and all things doom.

Akerius: Occitanian dungeon synth from the Indian Ocean

Akerius is a dungeon synth project in Réunion, which is an island in the Indian Ocean. Guido Segers caught up with main man Aker Aeon to find out more.

Jesse Malin

Gavin Brown caught up with Jesse Malin to talk about his recent single, a tribute to his lost friend Todd Youth and its video and reaction as well as his forthcoming new solo album, his New York hometown both past and present, life during the pandemic, live-streamed gigs and his time in Heart Attack and D-Generation.

Bloody Tyrant: The Sun Moon Lake and metal in Taiwan

Guido Segers caught up with Taiwanese folk metal band Bloody Tyrant to find out a bit more about metal in Taiwan and their latest album, Myths of the Islands.

Nancy Barile

Nancy Barile had just brought out her book I’m Not Holding Your Coat through Bazillion Points and it is a great insight into the 1980s punk and hardcore scenes in America by someone who loved it and most importantly, lived it. Packed full of anecdotes …

Duncan Wilkins from Make Them Die Slowly

Duncan Wilkins, vocalist, lyricist and the super nice guy behind the enigmatic slasher villain The Void took time out of slaying to have a chat about music and his passion for horror.

Paul Catten (Dead Sheeran)

Dead Sheeran have just released their first full length album A National Disgrace and just like their self titled first release, it’s an encapsulation of the strange times we are living in at the moment, capturing the frustration, anger and stupid …

Rami Jämsä of Convulse

Finnish death metallers Convulse have made a long awaited return with their new album Deathstar, their first since 2016s Cycle Of Revenge and its a fine collection of progressive and melodic death metal. We had a chat with Convulse guitarist and vocali …

Burton C. Bell from Ascension Of The Watchers / Fear Factory

Gavin Brown had a chat with vocalist Burton C. Bell to talk about the new Ascension Of The Watchers album, his time with Fear Factory, working with Ministry, being in a band with a Geezer Butler, touring with Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath and his enduring admiration for Nick Cave.

Dead End America

Gavin Brown caught up with Tony Avila , Ian Watts, Nick Oliveri, Mike IX Williams and Blaine Cook to talk about Dead End America and their latest EP ‘Crush The Machine’, their memories of Steve Hanford and the possibility of working together again in the future.

Anders Strokir from Necrophobic

Gavin Brown had a chat with Necrophobic vocalist Anders Strokirk to discuss their latest album ‘Dawn Of The Damned’ as well as a look back into the rich metal history of the band.

Andy Gibbs and Bryan Funck from Thou

Gavin Brown had the chance to talk to Thou’s Andy Gibbs and Bryan Funck about working with Emma Ruth Rundle on ‘May Our Chambers Be Full’ and much more.

Bernie Shaw from Uriah Heep

Gavin Brown caught up with Uriah Heep singer Bernie Shaw to hear all about the Fifty Years In Rock box set, a new album from the band, the quest to return to touring and the effects of the pandemic on the band and a whole Heep of tales from his time with the band.



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