Leila Abdul-Rauf from Vastum

J. Donovan Malley caught up with Vastum guitarist and vocalist Leila Abdul-Rauf to discover more about the new record ‘Inward to Gethsemane’, a new member, the creative process, and more.

Serena Cherry from Svalbard at ArcTanGent 2023

After a stunning show at ArcTanGent 2023, Svalbard’s Serena Cherry sat down with Jody Dunstan to discuss the fans’ reaction to their music, their creative process and what to expect from their upcoming album.

Varathron (+ Live Review and Photos)

John Donovan Malley went to see Varathron play live in Portland, OR and also managed to ask the band some questions about their new album, the band’s history and more.

David Ellefson from Dieth

Gavin Brown caught up with David Ellefson from Dieth to hear all about their album ‘To Hell And Back’, his time in Megadeth and how he has moved on with this fresh start of a band.

Clinton Jacob and Danny Sein from Mr.Phylzzz

Gavin Brown caught up with Mr.Phylzzz to talk all about their new album ‘Fat Chance’, working with Tom Hazelmyer and AmRep, their upcoming tour with the Melvins and Boris and more.

David Weaver and Daniel Mutch of Core. Festival

With only a few weeks to go, David Bowes spoke to organisers David Weaver and Daniel Mutch about the first edition of Glasgow’s Core. Festival.

Tom Whitfield from Spits Milk

Jared Dix had a word with vocalist Tom Whitfield from Birmingham noise punks Spits Milk about what he thought he was up to.  

Andrew Hung

Gavin Brown caught up with Andrew Hung to talk about his new album ‘Deliverance’, as well as his film score work, favourite record shops and his memories of Fuck Buttons.


Gavin Brown caught up with Oxbow to discuss their new album Love’s Holiday, the band’s long history with Supersonic Festival and memories of the late, great Peter Brötzmann and more.

A Place to Bury Strangers

Twenty years of relentless gear-wrecking chaos have done nothing to pipe down New York’s most trusted harbingers of noise complaints, who busted no fewer than two fully functional guitars within the first three songs of their set. Dumbstruck and electrified, we were fortunate enough to meet the band shortly after their crushing performance to discuss their long-standing relationship with chaos.

Mario Infantes

Cult of Lilith frontman, Mario Infantes, talks triple-covid, tattoos and turbulent minds as she shares his thoughts about his first solo album.

Frank Allain from Fen

David Bowes spoke to Frank Allain from UK post-black metallers Fen to discuss their searing return to form Monuments To Absence.

Takiaya Reed from Divide And Dissolve

David Bowes spoke to Divide And Dissolve’s Takiaya Reed to discuss the role of intuition in the steering of their sound.

John Robb (Author/The Membranes/Goldblade)

Gavin Brown caught up with John Robb to hear all about his book ‘The Art Of Darkness: The History Of Goth’, as well as hearing about his time in his bands and as an author.

Clinton “Bär” McKinnon from Umlaut

Gavin Brown caught up with Clinton “Bär” McKinnon from Umlaut, who told us all about the new song, his time with Mr Bungle and other bands and more.

Butcherazor from Grave Desecrator

Gavin Brown caught up with Grave Desecrator vocalist/guitarist Butcherazor to hear all about the new album, the band’s new line-up, covering GG Allin and much more.



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