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Kendo Nagasaki • The Courtesy Group • Moths Of The Moon – Hare and Hounds, Birmingham

Three bands, five quid. Splendid idea really.

Megson: The Cut – Halesworth

makingmusic.org.uk comments: “The flexible and democratic nature of folk music. . . has given it a political dimension that persists today” . . .Megson are proof of that claim, their song writing dealing with the mundane and everyday but also engaged with contemporary working class experiences and struggles in a way that parallels Ruts DC.

Caroline Polachek – Eventim Apollo

The album launch for Caroline Polachek’s superb sophomore LP on Valentine’s Day, no less…  Love truly was in the air. 

GEL • Cold Brats – New Cross Inn, London

GEL play a triumphant show preceding the release of their debut album, Only COnstant. The Freaks Will Inherit the Earth!

Dawn Ray’d – The Lexington, London

On the album launch for their third LP, To Know the Light, Dawn Ray’d add fuel to the fire and convince more to join their thoughtful black metal cohort.

black midi residency – Village Underground, London

Do black midi dislike their fans? It would be entirely justified…

Live Review: Napalm Death • Dropdead • Siberian Meat Grinder • Escuela Grind – Manchester Academy

After a stint that took in shows all around the continent, Napalm Death retuned to the UK on the last leg of their European Campaign For Musical Destruction tour with an absolutely stellar supporting line-up in Dropdead, Siberian Meat Grinder and Escue …

Kayo Dot • Maud the moth – Signature Brew, London

Kayo Dot triumph as they celebrated the 20th anniversary of their daring, influential debut album, Choirs of the Eye’.

Igorrr • Amenra • Der Weg einer Freiheit • Hangman’s Chair

A four-band touring juggernaut entered London. Is this the shape of tours to come?

Martha – Castle & Falcon, Birmingham

Martha are a splendid conundrum: both special and ordinary, and somehow special because they are ordinary; but mostly they’re a life affirming shot of pop.

Rolo Tomassi, Holy Fawn, Heriot – Electric Ballroom, Camden

As the quintet navigate through their maze-like mathy, progressive rock/metal melange, one could visibly see the joy ping-ponging between the band and their appreciative, entranced audience.

Revocation, Goatwhore, Alluvial, Creeping Death – The Dome, London

Everything about Revocation is delivered with a phenomenal precision and passion, which – especially with such a strong tour package behind them – places them amongst the finest names in progressive and technical death metal.  

Heilung, Eivør, Lili Refrain – Barrowland, Glasgow

Every so often, a line-up crops up that just feels right. One where everyone on the bill has some sense of commonality that goes beyond a similarity in sound and into the realms of the existential, where the same sense of purpose and soul can be felt in every performer. This is one of those nights.

Ana Moura – Café de la Danse, Paris

From vulnerable to seductive within the span of a single note, Ana Moura’s voice swept feet and cracked hearts for an intense hour of Portuguese fado drama.

Laibach – Cabaret Sauvage, Paris

Laibach’s crusade will honour no boundaries or borders and will subvert and repurpose any cultural artefact to further their agenda of musical totalitarianism.

Dropkick Murphys – Victoria Warehouse, Manchester

It may only be January, but a contender for gig of the year has been thrown down. . .




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