Max Bloom – Pedestrian

We get a straightforward pop/rock album in Pedestrian, but one that ticks all the right boxes of what a good pop/rock album should sound like.

Bossk – Migration

Migration is another slab of excellence which increments on the band’s past and continues on the trajectory towards post-metal greatness.

Jana Irmert – The Soft Bit

Jana always takes the listener beyond time and space with a neo-noir futuristic twist.

Jack O’ the Clock – Leaving California

Leaving California is quite a departure from Jack O’ the Clock’s previous music.

King Ropes – Way Out West

Whatever inspirations Hollier might have had or had, here on Way Out West he is able to blend them into something very much his and King Ropes own, keeping that Western vibe fully intact.

Justin Sullivan – Surrounded

Once again, Justin is delving deep into the sea and elements of nature, applying a poetic slant to his always meaningful lyrics.

Mahogany Frog – In The Electric Universe

Mahogany Frog’s latest release may divide a line in the sand. Either you get it or you don’t.

Leon den Engelsen – Growth

Does Leo den Engelsen’s music have that ‘European feel’? Quite possibly, but then, Europe is changing and so is its music.

Danny Elfman – Big Mess

Big Mess is Danny’s return to being weird again.

New Candys – Vyvyd

Who needs to drop acid when you have music like this to take you there instantly?

King Buffalo – The Burden of Restlessness

King Buffalo have demonstrated how to put restlessness into great effect with seven masterly constructed songs, superb precision, and one hell of a top production. The bar is very high indeed.

Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel – Polaris

Polaris is accessible, but heavy. It is catchy but clever. It is rowdy without being y’know, loud. And – I should mention – it is so much fun.

Mark Trecka – Acknowledgement

Simply, Acknowledgment is an engaging listening experience that works.

Penfriend – Exotic Monsters

Exotic Monsters is a movie inside your head.

Mike Barnes – A New Day Yesterday: UK Progressive Rock & The 1970s

It shows that at times Prog is more than just a four letter word.

Blueanimal – Figment That Was Me

The band’s songwriting and playing capabilities pull them through making Figment That Was Me a good addition to a possible grunge revival.


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