Jane Weaver – Love in Constant Spectacle

Almost an imaginative art house movie that Weaver herself has unleashed to her listeners as we go inside the theatre, to give an understanding on why we go to the movies.

Meslamtaea & The Colour Of Rain – Nihil Vincit Omnia

Nihil Vincit Omnia is a mind blowing listening trip into the nihilist world of the two Dutch extreme metal bands.

Colin Fisher – Suns of the Heart

The sounds range from calming to harrowing but never lose their musical sense and purpose, making ‘Suns of the Heart’ one of the more intriguing instrumental albums of this summer.

Grice – Mordant Lake

A surreal, yet significant piece of work that’ll take you towards the town to reveal more clues that the small town has hidden behind closed doors.

Irked – EP

The worst thing about this record is going to be the fact there’s nothing on the other side. Get it. 

Akhlys – House of the Black Geminus

Akhlys delivers a mind-blowing album with a pounding rhythm section, creepy keyboard work, lightning-fast guitars and growling, screaming vocals that are out of this world.

GNOD – Spot Land

Overall, I think this is yet another example of why we should expect the unexpected with GNOD. A band that has successfully reinvented itself numerous times always with great effect.

NTHL – Ontogenesis

Rudin’s soundscapes have a solid substantial base that is structured but also free-flowing, stopping right at the border which would turn them into musical wallpaper.

Röt Stewart – 3 Tattoos & A Road Tax Bill

Röt Stewart doesn’t care about the outside world and smashes everything to pieces with passion.

SECRECIES – Perfect Bite

Anyone who digs 80s synth pop will love this record.

K’mono – Mind Out of Mind

K’mono are the masters when it comes to prog-rock by keeping the flaming fires burning brighter than ever.

Lord Buffalo – Holus Bolus

There are some obvious reference points in terms of influence, yet it feels like Lord Buffalo have their own unique sound. Highly recommended.

Partholón – The Ocean Pours In

If you miss Neurosis then you will do more than just satisfy the itch here.

Anta – Organesson

It puts you right over the edge of the cliff, not knowing when you are going to make that jump and launch your parachute at the right time, at the right place before making a soft landing.

Àbáse – Awakening

Awakening is one of the albums that has the capability to cross over from its ‘officially’ designated genre, and reach a much wider audience, not usually weaned on spiritual jazz.

Bad Breeding – Contempt

Simply put, we need bands like Bad Breeding, they show us that we should never take things for granted and we should continue to be angry with the establishment and keep continuing the ongoing fight.



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