Nyx Nótt – Themes From

Sleepless and distractedly channel surfing, Themes From is a brighter, more colourful, record than its predecessor, a little more alert and diverse.

Onhou – Monument

I recommend finding a well-lit room and letting Onhou’s stunning creativity douse your mind and body in some fine doomy goodness. You may however, never be the same again…

Sigh – Shiki

Anthemic twin-guitar harmonies and virtuosic runs, lush goth symphonics, flashes of outrageous psychedelic weirdness and one of Mirai Kawashima’s most eclectic vocals performances to date combine forces to create an album that defies explanation but has to be heard at least once to be believed.

The Aaron Clift Experiment – The Age of Misinformation

The Age of Misinformation is The Aaron Clift Experiment’s gratification, and the album that we need, now and forever.

Paul Lewis & Romeo Rage – Sky’s Rust

Lewis, or Romeo Rage if you will, turns those dreams of his into a quite effective musical reality.

Tyrannus – Unslayable

Excellent anti-fascist black metal with hints of death metal and thrash. The resistance is here and it is sounding amazing.

Elephant9 – Arrival of the New Elders

Brought in enough groceries to cook a moody and hot-and-spicy meal that you will make you want more from what’s inside their kitchen.

Vanessa Wagner – Mirrored

While accentuating the approach of each of the composers towards those hidden spaces, Wagner does it in her quite unique and personal approach to the piano, making these pieces of music her own, as much as they belong to the composers themselves.

Drowse – Wane Into It

A dense, ambient, beautiful exploration of loss, anxiety, distance and memory, redefining what makes a ‘heavy’ record.

Oak – The Quiet Rebellion of Compromise

It is a welcoming return for the band by bringing in those heavy subjects that sounds like something straight out of Christopher Nolan’s 2008 sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight. And it’s an album that’ll be talked about in the years to come.

Gavran – Indistinct Beacon

Amenra may have stamped its signature on many post-metal sounds but Gavran do an impressive job of inserting their own identity to the genre.

Ol’ RattleBones – Rise Chapter 1

It could have all gone to waste if these guys didn’t have songwriting skills to match their playing and singing capabilities, all of which will certainly endear them to hard rock fans anywhere.

Shaam Larein – Sticka En Kniv I V​ä​rlden

Shaam Larein are the ones you need to watch out for in the roaring ‘20s.

Mick’s Jaguar – Salvation (+ Exclusive Album Premiere)

Mick’s Jaguar is still the sound of a band clearly enjoying keeping the rock ‘n’ roll flame alive. And, we need them!

Zero Times Everything – Sound of Music

Yes it is a stimulating release and it’ll take time, but the enduring compositions are an exploration.

Snowdrops – Missing Island

The music on the album relies on quite complex layers of instrumentation that are actually firmly suited to the theme, never overpowering it with the layers slowly revealing themselves when you peel or listen to them.



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