Shuta Hasunuma – unpeople

That ‘bits and pieces’ concept to create a whole is very often a hard thing to achieve successfully, but on ‘unpeople’ Hasunuma is able to give it a very human touch.

Werewolves – My Enemies Look and Sound Like Me

When you’re in the right frame of mind – preferably not behind the wheel of a car or caring for small children – this manifesto of mayhem really does hit the spot.

Richard Wright – Wet Dream

For Wilson’s mix behind Wet Dream, it adds this lucid portrayal and mysterious wonder, making sure that Rick is given the welcoming handshake he properly deserves.

Woe – Legacies Of Frailty

A bleak atmosphere of hateful intent with blast beats thundering and riffs whipping around at breakneck pace, yet something is lacking here.

Pete International Airport – It Felt Like The End of the World

The result is a deeply satisfying modern psych that will definitely find its place in any psych lover collection.

Hexvessel – Polar Veil

Polar Veil feels like a summary of McNerney’s output to date, an album that transports black metal’s hostile chill and the slick, effortless cool of post-punk into Hexvessel’s world of magic, nature, and timeless storytelling.

Besra – Transitions

Transitions is an expansive and cohesive piece of work which flows brilliantly from the crushing end of post-metal to the more delicate end of the spectrum

Gemini Parks – Mom, Why is everyones a Hoe?

While it might sound like a quite lofty goal, Berwanger and his Gemini Parks are able to pull it off with quite some ease and come up with an album that is so easy on the ears.

Meatraffle – Base and Superstructure

A bright ‘n’ shiny pop-tastic delight, full of irresistibly toe twitching beats and old school synth sounds.

Rorcal – Silence

Silence feels like your own worst fears performing an exorcism on you to lift the burden and pain. It is remarkably bleak yet gloriously enjoyable.

Steven Wilson – The Harmony Codex

The Harmony Codex is one of Steven’s most ambitious albums he’s unleashed for 2023. He pushes you over the edge of the cliff by making sure, you are ready to use a hang glider, and fly across the heavens.

Metro Riders – Lost In Reality

The sound of Stelzer’s music here has some even darker overtones that at the same time achieve that feel of calm and the dread that hides behind it at the same time.

Suffer Yourself – Axis Of Tortures

One that eschews genre tropes while providing everything that lovers of death metal, doom and outsider heaviness could ever ask for.

Richard Sears – Appear to Fade

The loop and collage concept Sears and Chersky used doesn’t create a pieced-up, incongruous sound, but some seamless, spaced-out music that sounds as good as those images that a well-made kaleidoscope can look like.

ChiaraOscuro – Rancor:Succor

An exquisite piece of sound sculpting, one that takes a listener on a true journey – if they are willing to sit still and let the waves crash over them.

Various Artists – Fuente de la Abundancia: MoonJune Festival Toledo 2023

MoonJune has done it again.



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