The Amorphous Androgynous & Peter Hammill – We Persuade Ourselves, We Are Immortal

I will say this once, and I will say it again, it is their own imaginative 2D animated space rock opera that is out of this world!

Anna B Savage – These Dreams E.P.

An essential purchase for fans of A Common Turn album and for those who believe Anna B Savage is an artist of considerable talent.

Big Lad – Power Tools

It’s a nonstop journey through the music of Big Lad, but one that takes in so many emotions. From start to finish this album is triumphant and a much needed experience.

Low – Hey What

Hey What is a confounding and astounding record that will be played and talked about for years to come. A modern classic.

VOW – Icarian

Every once in a while you discover a band who truly captivate you with their sound and ethos. VOW will be that band.

Meilir – In Tune

Listen closely and that will be the sound of a typewriter and gravel being scuffed up. It’s these moments that make Meilir such an unusual artist.


It is that dance-inducing ‘motorik,’ constant movement, enveloped in a quite heavy dose of psych that makes ‘De Película’ work its charms. With ease.

Edge of Paradise – The Unknown

The Unknown is Edge of Paradise’s imaginative movie brought to life

Sermon of Flames – I Have Seen The Light, And It Was Repulsive

I Have Seen The Light, And It Was Repulsive is a devastating, claustrophobic slab of beat-your-face-until-its-pulp death metal.

Sons Of Alpha Centauri – Push

If you like Far or Quicksand you really need to check out this scorcher. Full of reminiscence yet loaded with contemporary messages. Push sees Jonah Matranga at his most vitriolic for a decade.

Proud Peasant – Peasantsongs

Despite the hiatus, it’s a relief to know that there’s a lot of spirit inside them


“One of the most atmospheric albums you’ll hear all year.”

Iskandr – Vergezicht

Like stained glass glints stabbing through the heavy black drapes of murky droning riff cycles.

Electric Wizards: A Tapestry of Heavy Music – JR Moores

An endlessly entertaining book which introduces the reader to a whole new world of music that they may not have even been aware of before

Mythopoeic Mind – Hatchling

Hatchling is quite a departure from their debut album. It showed that while they have a bit of a symphonic route, they also wanted to add some of the real good pop orientations.

Connor Kissel – Forest of Things Lost and Found

‘Forest of Things Lost and Found’ certainly is not a light-hearted listen, but one that can bring quite a few rewards.



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