The Sparks Brothers Documentary

they fit in at the right moment at the right time.

Hawksmoor – On Prescription

A course of gently analgesic library music. Hawksmoor’s blend of electronics and live instruments decorating still, quiet, rooms in slowly changing moods.

Harkness – The Occasion

Harkness does not miss a step on his initial outing, the quality of which makes you wonder – what can (and will) he do for a follow-up?

John Murry – The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes

In what is becoming a signature move, Murry’s songs swing, rock and bop, whilst the lyrics remain extremely violent, hyper literate, full of wide ranging references and name drops.

Sleep Moscow – Of the Sun

Sleep Moscow’s debut album is like a movie inside our heads that is partly supernatural, science-fiction, and disguised as a horror film until the very end. And their mission has been accomplished so far this year.

A Sea of Dead Trees – Garmonbozia (+ Exclusive Album Premiere)

Garmonbozia is an epically fragile, tender and multifaceted album. Repeat listens will be essential.

Alex Rex – Paradise

Paradise is another fine gem in the career of Alex Rex and may be is most fulfilling solo release yet. The music world is so much richer for having Alex Rex in it.

Taras Bulba – Sometimes The Night

You like to imagine Laird as some cowled, raincoat wearing figure owing a season of cigarettes to Peter Lorre, whilst casually pumping out hallucinogenic mushrooms to a soundtrack of Julian Cope and Syd Barrett, but behind the mask is a musician who is intent on forging his own path.

Vessel of Iniquity – The Doorway (+ Exclusive Track Premiere)

The Doorway may be a hard listen for some but for others this is a glimpse into as perfect as savage audial terror can get.

Fulci – Exhumed Information

A triumph for those who love their death metal dark, gritty and vicious, and also for vintage horror movie aficionados. And if you like both? Then yeah, you might want to give this a spin.

Alexis Marshall – House of Lull . House of When

A hardware store drowning through a recording studio.


The album is one of the most energetic, confident, and fully formed debut punk rock albums that I’ve heard for quite some time.

Midwife – Luminol

With the clues littered throughout Luminol it feels like Midwife is leading herself out to us, just enough to catch a glimpse of her truth and for it to resound deeply within us.

Mayhem – Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando

This EP will satiate fans until a new album comes and likely gives die-hard supporters a glimpse into Mayhem breaking the barriers of what they are perceived to be and taking a dive into what inspired much of their early output.

景湖白 (Jing Hubai) – 清醒的人格分裂 (Lucid Schizophrenia)

A remarkable and surreal work that’s a cut above most modern black and post-black metal. Whether that’s because it’s free of the clichés and rehashed sentimentality that we’re now drowning in, or if it’s simply down to Luo Jing’s singular vision and his willingness to embrace eastern and western phrasing and structure, isn’t clear but at the very least, you won’t be hearing anything else like it any time soon.

Haq123 – More

More sees them further honing their attack, condensing down their weirdo sludge punk into gut punch blasts.



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