Snowdrops – Missing Island

The music on the album relies on quite complex layers of instrumentation that are actually firmly suited to the theme, never overpowering it with the layers slowly revealing themselves when you peel or listen to them.

Devin Townsend – Lightwork

There are moments on this album where jumps from one ship to another. Whether it’s death metal, symphonic metal, experimental romances, alternative rock, or adding that fuel-driven punch of post-rock, Devy goes for the jugular.


If there is any justice in this world, POPNOTPOP should put Rookes up there alongside Billynomates & Self Esteem as one of the pop icons of our time.

Son Cesano – Emerge

Although it might seem like a big contrast, Son Cesano can make the sounds of these landscapes on the opposite side of the musical spectrum as something that naturally belongs together.

Spell – Tragic Magic

They’ve brought in these supernatural fairy tales by bringing it to life on the big screen.

Balungan – Kudu Bisa Kudu

It is a challenging release. Whether you get it or you don’t you have to appreciate what the ensemble were doing on that Tuesday Night.

June McDoom – June McDoom

The result is some truly intriguing music, enforced by McDoom’s languid vocals and strong songwriting that all go beyond just a promise.

Chez Kane – Powerzone

Kane keeps the spirit of the female hard rockers from the 1980s by tipping her hat to the legends, and holding the torch to never let the legends die.

Shit & Shine – New Confusion

Offers up a subtler twist on the usual chaotic bad vibes, less hedonism and more blank horror.

Adriaan Swerts – One

Swerts creates his music without overt pathos, it is all subdued, or even more so, sublime.

Ruts DC – Counterculture?

On this album Ruts DC reaffirm their position as part of that Counterculture.

Gozer – An Endless Static

This is superbly well written and perfectly executed music which is undoubtedly some of the finest in the scene right now.

KUHN FU – Jazz is Expensive / Live at Saalfelden

It puts you in the front seat, watching the sextet blaze through a hot production level of this volcanic explosion, waiting to happen.

Galactic Fuzz – Galactic Fuzz

Essentially, Galactic Fuzz came up with an excellent debut of a coherent set of melodic psych that touches on other genres with ease.

Throwing Bricks – The Burden

A unique mix of genres, pain and release culminates in a second excellent album from the Dutch post-everything five piece.

Various Artists – Prog Presents Metal Blade Records

It may take a while to get into the digital sampler, but for 40 years on, Metal Blade Records is still growing stronger than ever.



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