The Sparks Brothers Documentary

they fit in at the right moment at the right time.

A Place To Bury Strangers – Hologram

Hologram adds five solid tracks to APTBS weaponized sonic noise arsenal. The EP demonstrates wonderful creativity and diverse, highly engaging material. APTBS impress once again.

Nick Prol & the Proletarians – An Erstwisle Alphabestiary: Book One

It was time for Nick to brainwash another concept.

Typical Sisters – Love Beam

It works on all the right levels, escaping one of the key traps Post Rock can pose – too much brain and too little heart.

Lightning Bug – A Color of the Sky

This ethereal music is a seamless mélange of dream pop, folk rock, and orchestral pop.

Royal Canoe – Sidelining

The eleven songs here all sound fresh and beaming with ideas that require repeated listening. Every new listen brings out yet another nuance you might not have noticed the first time around.

Drug Church – Tawny

Tawny manages to wrangle the band’s punch, melodicism and dynamic songwriting.

Mischa Blanos – City Jungle

Even when he seemingly calms things down, there is always a rhythmic pattern present in Blanos’ playing that goes on to prove that well-known saying ‘a big city never sleeps’.

Mountain Caller – Chronicle: Prologue

Mountain Caller exercise numerous twist and turns, catchy slow gathering builds, towering crescendos, and of course massive riffs.

Immortal Machinery – Bartok ReOrganised

Another reason Immortal Machinery’s vision of Bartok is successful might lie in the fact that the duo obviously knows the composer’s works so well. They are aware that Bartok can often be most potent in small doses.

Blue Ruth – Mausoleum

A shut-in’s death disco of disfigured beats and fried industrial tones.

Small Reactions – New Age Soul

Those with very rock inclinations in their musical taste don’t have to go very far from New Age Soul as their current summer album.

Snapped Ankles – Forest Of Your Problems

One of our most inventive and forward looking bands, there is something about Snapped Ankles that’s more sci-fi than back to nature.

Craven Idol – Forked Tongues

Forked Tongues is a furious, refreshing extreme blast.

The Holy Family – S/T

The Holy Family proffer a mind crushing aural journey into unknown lands and territories. Do we take the golden way or the crooked path?

Stone Giants – West Coast Love Stories

West Coast Love Stories turns out to be one of the better albums Tobin has come up with in recent times, a melodic experiment that is above all utterly listenable.



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