Oak – Disintegrate

Disintegrate feels almost tailor-made for the doom crowd – the colossal scale, melancholy and misery are all hallmarks of the classics while the sense of timelessness that’s so deeply intertwined with its themes feels very much on-brand for a genre so primordial in nature.

GRAVA – Weight Of A God

Weight Of A God is an unpolished treasure, an absorbing and often harrowing work that wastes little time in burrowing under the skin.

Kate Fenner – Dead Reckoning

Essentially, with ‘Dead Reckoning’, Kate Fenner brings us an album of both musical and lyrical sophistication and beauty.

Ahab – The Coral Tombs

After 19 years, Ahab is finding new ways to immerse the listener in the sonic pressure of Nautik doom. The Coral Tombs is crushing, spatial and ultimately rewarding.

Craig Fortnam – Lunar One A Sides / Lunar One B Sides

More reliably gorgeous music from Craig Fortnam, for all your selenographal needs!

Black Swan Lane – Blind

Blind is the tenth album from Atlanta based post punk project, Black Swan Lane, the musical vehicle for multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Jack Richard Sobel. It is a dreamy, slow burn of a record. Not to be missed.

Kollaps\e – Phantom Centre

Following its 2021 two track post-metal manifesto, Kollaps\e has delivered an excellent debut album which grows far beyond the early promise.

Herbert / Summerlin – Relocations

It is exactly this creative process that gives this collaboration that twisting element, creating some extravagant soundscapes that are at the same time familiar and outlandish, and definitely, at the same time, a calm and exciting listen.

Ian M Bailey – You Paint the Pictures

This is an album about love, friendship, and loss. In these troubled times, it is well worth your time to peruse this collection and let this fine work settle around you in this New Year like a warm cloak.

Glam! When Superstars Rocked the World, 1970-74

This book will be in your shelves for the New Year and give the genre, the massive amount of recognition it deserves.

Lamedd – Permit EP

It is exactly that improvisational impulsiveness that gives ‘Permit’ its fresh-sounding and intriguing elements.

Meg Baird – Furling

This album is a sleeper and demands to be listened to on a good set of headphones. It is music that unfurls over time and reveals itself in layers. A really good addition to Meg Baird’s body of work. Highly recommended!

Kansas – Another Fork in the Road: 50 Years of Kansas

Strong, powerful, complex, and right down the line, Kansas are still growing stronger than before.

Die Sünde – Strega

Strega is a work that is genuinely powerful, sometimes harrowing and at others chillingly elegant, and for anyone seeking the perfect marriage of concept, conviction and sheer sonic punishment, it’s an absolute treat.

Twin Color – Extended Play No 1

These melancholic looks at the music of Murcof’s youth are still wrapped in his recognizable expansions that give this nostalgic excursion a definite personal touch.

White Ward – False Light

White Ward have shown that with musical variety, fusion of styles, experimentation, sheer skill of musicianship and refusal to be pigeonholed they can make an album that is absolutely essential listening. Go get yourself some Ukrainian metal!



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