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Interview & live review: Red Hands Black Feet

“Right now we’re trying to just make it sustain itself. It doesn’t have to pay all of our bills, but if could not cause us to haemorrhage money the way it has in the past, then I think that would be great for us” – Eric Larson from Red Hands Black Feet talks to Foofer about life in a post rock band in Boise, Idaho.

Lymbyc Systym – Split Stones

Overall, this album has superb grooves, beats you can’t help but nod to, and music that will stick with you long after the album is done. Anothyr fantastyc albym from Lymbyc Systym By Foofer

Mountains Under Oceans – Man is Not.

This EP is strong enough to survive the cliché and deliver an excellent and varied sound. By Foofer

Mono & The Ocean – Transcendental

Overall, this is a very good EP. Both pieces hold their own, and they compliment each other in their respective ways. I was hoping that at least one of the bands would present something new in their respective sounds, but both of them fell a little flat when it came to pushing the envelope. As separate singles, they’re both par for the course. As a split, it falls short of being remarkable. – By Foofer

Glaswegians – Cape Lazo

This is an album I find myself enjoying while it’s playing, and repeating to myself when it’s not. I’m sure I will cherish this magnificent album for years to come. By Foofer

Deadstar – In Between Dreams

In Between Dreams is wonderfully crafted, the production is impeccable, appropriate instrumentation throughout and it is nothing but superb. It’s quickly landed itself a place on my shortlist of 2015’s best albums. By Foofer

Cavern – Outsiders

Track after track, it becomes increasingly as to just how uninspired they are. Every breakdown, solo, riff, and drumbeat sounds like Russian Circles, except with a nearly nonexistent bassist, instead. – By Foofer

Clouds Taste Satanic – Your Doom Has Come

They have loads of potential. I believe they didn’t live up to it. Even adding one more guitar to the mix would greatly increase its listenability and make a good band great. Deep down, I sincerely hope this album is just a misstep, and they will move forward with a larger, more varied, sound. – By Foofer

Glasir – Unborn

The post-rock passages are beautiful, the post-metal riffs are crushing, and the doom at the end is just so perfect. That’s all I can really say about Glasir’s Unborn. Perfect. By Foofer

Spark The Forest – Spark The Forest

Overall, I like this album. The sound itself is solid, the recording quality is definitely adequate, but there is a lot of room for improvement. By Foofer

Degree of Arc – Reverie & Entropy

Reverie and Entropy. This album is completely beautiful. I sincerely hope it makes waves in the post-rock and gains some sort of notoriety. They worked hard, and deserve recognition. By Foofer

The Wax Girl – Between Screens

Everything about this album makes the hair on my arms rise and creates goosebumps all over. I would recommend you listen to this with headphones, or while driving through a thick patch of fog. By Foofer

Exclusive: The Wax Girl – Nuclear Winter Video

We are very proud to exclusively present the new video from The Wax Girl and a glorious piece of work it is too.

Valerian Swing – A U R O R A

This album always leaves me impressed and wanting more. It’s addictive, and they’ve given me another, much larger dose. I fear their next album will be my end. by Foofer

LITE – Installation

I would suggest to new bands that they look at bands like LITE for inspiration and guidance. Their strong sense of direction should be shining beacon to others, making the genre more enjoyable overall. By Foofer

Dust Sculptures – Far Above the Pines

This is a remarkable album, forged by a remarkable musician. A true artist with a true work of art. Anyone and everyone who enjoys masterful music should listen to this magnificent piece and bask in its genius. By Foofer

Set and Setting – A Vivid Memory

It’s an amazing album, but it just feels like Equanimity pt. II. It’s the essence of consistency, but it’s the most beautiful consistency I’ve ever heard. By Foofer

glaswegians – glaswegians

Nothing sounds out of place, nothing sounds like it’s dominating your headphones. It hits all the right notes with me, both literally and figuratively. By Foofer

The Wax Girl – Anosmic

The talent is there, the effects and textures are all there, the production value is certainly there, I cannot think of a single thing I don’t like about this EP. By Foofer

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