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Skinflint: dark tales from Botswana

Skinflint are a metal band from Botswana. Guido Segers asked vocalist and guitarist Giuseppe “Juice” Sbrana some questions to find out more about the band.

Vong: Vietnamese folklore & history

Guido Segers had a conversation with Indigo Tongue from Vietnamese one-man black metal project Vong to find out more about the band, the Vietnamese metal scene and more.

Malorshiga – From šagra to dread incarnate

Malorshiga is a band from Slovenia that plays Istrian ethno black metal. Guido Segers had a long conversation with the band to find out more.

Saħħar: Maltese Catharsis in black metal

Saħħar is the solo black metal project by Marton Saliba, based in Malta. Guido Segers caught up with Marton to find out more.

Blasphemer praising their Paraguayan Roots

Luis Battilana from Paraguay based band Blasphemer talks to Guido Segers about the band and their music, singing in the original language Guaraní and much more.

Tir: Exploring the Mists of Time

Oytun Bektas makes dark folk / dungeon synth under the moniker Tir. His music has been well-received in the world of synth lovers as being of remarkable, singular quality. Guido Segers finds out more.

Automb and the Laws of Chaos

Guido Segers caught up with Serge Streltsov and Danielle Evans from (sadly now disbanded) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based black metal band Automb.

Zvijer – The Barbaric Roots of the Balkans

From the former Yugoslavian Republic hails the band Zvijer, a multi-national entity that brings a type of black metal that feels and tastes like its origins. Balkanian Barbaric Black Metal is what they like to call it themselves. Guido Segers finds out more.

Arabia – Oman’s metal warriors

Guido Segers had a chat with Shabeeb Al Haremi, frontman of Arabia, one of the few metal bands in Oman.

Svarrogh: Bulgarian folklore, history and ways of looking back

Multi-instrumentalist Dimo Dimov has been living in Germany for years now, but returns to his native Bulgaria with his main project Svarrogh frequently. It’s not his only project, but perhaps the one closest to himself. Guido Segers finds out more.

Lovidalf Ranemmak VI about his creation: the genre of Ordo Fantet

Lovidalf Ranemmak VI is an individual, but to be honest it’s more an artistic entity… The man who created his very own music genre called Ordo Fantet. Guido Segers finds out more.

Lasher – Unleashing Kuwaiti black metal

Lasher is a black metal band from Kuweit, that regardless of Kuweit’s open approach to culture still has to work deeply underground, in anonymity. Guido Segers caught up with the person behind this solo metal project to find out more.

Varkâna: Iranian Underground Dungeon Synth

Varkâna is one of those unlikely acts to find on your path, experimenting with dungeon synth and its cousin dark ambient to create sonic experiences from his homeland Iran. Guido Segers finds out more.

Akerius: Occitanian dungeon synth from the Indian Ocean

Akerius is a dungeon synth project in Réunion, which is an island in the Indian Ocean. Guido Segers caught up with main man Aker Aeon to find out more.

Bloody Tyrant: The Sun Moon Lake and metal in Taiwan

Guido Segers caught up with Taiwanese folk metal band Bloody Tyrant to find out a bit more about metal in Taiwan and their latest album, Myths of the Islands.

Sidereal Fortress: Artistic Freedom & Dungeon Synth

Dungeon synth is a strange beast and each artist would appear to have his or her own views on it. Guido Segers caught up with Sidereal Fortress to find out more.

Arka’n Asrafokor: Togo heavy metal warriors

Arka’n Asrafokor are a metal band from Togo in Africa. Guido Segers asked rapper and keyboard player Enrico Ahavi some questions to find out more.

Kadeem Ward brings psychedelica and black metal to Barbados

Guido Segers had an interesting conversation with Kadeem Ward who over a decade ago formed the band Conrad, together with two other musicians from other countries, which was the first extreme metal band from Barbados.

From The Vastland – The Haft Khan and Blackhearts

From The Vastland is a black metal band from Iran, a country known for its strict regime and limitations in expression. Guido Segers finds out more.

Mileth: Galician Celts and Oral Traditions

Mileth from Galicia plays its very distinct mixture of folk music and metal. Marcos do Relicario from the band was kind enough to answer Guido Segers’ questions and tell them more about their unique background and history.

Pamirt: Remembrance and Contemplation

Pamirt is a project by Kristiāna Kārkliņa, singer in Latvian black metal band eschatos. Guido Segers asked Kristiāna some questions to find out more.

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