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Vaelastrasz: Azeroth Dungeon Synth Mastery

Vaelastraz is one of the mysterious dungeon synth creators, offering his otherworldly sounds to the faithful. Guido Segers caught up with the artist to find out more.

Zarraza: spreading the virus from Kazakhstan

Nick Khalabuzar is one of the founders of Kazakhstan metal band Zarraza and to say he’s a passionate metalhead would be a vast understatement. Guido Segers finds out more.

Dymna Lotva: Belarussian pagan fires burning bright

Dymna Lotva has been quite prolific over the years and plays a very distinguished type of music. Their origin leaves a little in the way of the language barrier, but they were kind enough to answer my questions. This took some time, but I’m certain that it will provide you with many new insights on this exciting band.

Nelecc: Gazing at the Stars in Kenya

Africa is the final frontier when it comes to metal, but something is definitely brewing with bands like Nelecc from Kenya, creating their very own brand of atmospheric black metal. Guido Segers went to find out more.

Theudho: Answering the summons from the ancient forests

Pagan past, notorious music and wandering the verdant realm with Theudho.

Kashgar: Nature, History and Tradition from Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, the name alone beckons with mystery and a peculiar allure. Most people only know it as one of those odd country names, but Khashgar has the potential to change that with their crushing death metal. Guido Segers found out more…

Iluntze: Basque mythology, identity and black metal

The Basque country, partly in Spain and partly in France, is an ancient culture with a language that differs from anything else on the continent. Iluntze is a product and an expression of that identity. Guido Segers caught in touch with Synder, the sole member behind the band.

Ennui: From the tombs of Georgia

Guido Segers spoke with Ennui from Georgia, who play monolithic funeral doom in the most dark and melancholic traditions.

Dividing The Element: From Zimbabwe, for Zimbabwe

Chris Van from Zimbabwean metal band Divide The Elements answered a bunch of questions asked by Guido Segers about the metal scene in Zimbabwe, their self-titled album and much more.

Waylander: The Spirit of Northern Ireland

Guido Segers got to ask Ard Chieftain O’Hagan from legendary Northern Irish folk metal band Waylander a bunch of questions about their new upcoming album, being a folk metal band, beers and much more.

From The Bogs of Aughiska: Fairy trees, Seanchaí and black metal

Guido Segers caught up with Conchur O’Drona of Irish black metal band From The Bogs of Aughiska to talk about their latest album, the band and inspirations.

Ildaruni: Myth and legends from Armenia

Guido Segers caught up with Armenian black metal band Ildaruni, to ask about their band, the history, and myths of Armenia, and playing black metal.

Yana Raymi: Peruvian pagan heroes

Guido Segers asked Jhon Castro Cancho, guitarist of Peruvian folk metal band Yana Raymi about their history, the history of their region and music.

Striborg: Covering new ground with blackwave

Guido Segers caught up with Russel Menzies, the man behind Striborg from Tasmania, Australia, and asked him all about his ‘blackwave’ music.

Rauhnåcht: From the Alpine peaks

Taking inspiration from the Alpine traditions, Rauhnåcht is a band that requires a different kind of listening. Music, that somehow emulates the eerie sounds of the peeks and embodies the myths and fears of the inhabitants. Guido Segers caught up with Stefan Traunmüller to find out more.

Rugged Shores: Mistwalker and Viridian Records from Newfoundland

Guido Segers had a chat with Greg Sweetapple from Mistwalker and the affiliated projects on the collective Viridian Records, which comes from the coast of Newfoundland originally but has since changed his native Glovertown for Montréal. Greg Sweetapple

Colombia as it once was: Guahaihoque

Guahaihoque merge Andean folk with black metal in a very own way. Guido Segers found them willing to answer questions about Colombia, their history and music and what freedoms they currently have in their country.

Furia: Silesian folklore from the mines to the moon

Furia is not for everyone, but the Polish band has continuously been searching within the realm of black metal and folklore for new expressions. At the last Roadburn Festival, Guido Segers sat down with the band to find out more.

Lizardfest 2018 at Gaukurinn, Reykjavik

We headed for Lizardfest 2018 on the 15th of May, which took place in Gaukurinn, a well-known rock club in the heart of Reykjavik to experience some amazing bands.

AlNamrood will not be tamed: metal in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia it can be punishable by death to play dark blasphemous music. That doesn’t keep AlNamrood from doing so though. Guido Segers asked main member Mephisto some questions to find out more.

Gaerea: Art, concept, black metal from Portugal

Portuguese black metal band Gaerea were kind enough to have a chat with Guido Segers and tell more about their band, vision and what this music means to them.

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