(((O))) Tag: Helen Armfield

Eric Bachmann – Eric Bachmann

It’s an everything album that speaks to each of us somewhere, that subverts the tropes, and sets Bachmann up with a Cash-like career album to take into his future. I’m excited to see what he might do next. By Helen Armfield

The Duke St Workshop with Laurence R Harvey – Tales of H. P. Lovecraft

This is a fantastic collection that works to beautifully illustrate the words of the classic Lovecraft tales; and is a delight to recommend. – By Helen Armfield

Casual Sect – The Hidden Persuaders

‘The Hidden Persuaders’ is a fantastic, mesmeric 17 1/2 minutes, and leaves you needing to reflect on the constructivism of the modern age. Even the release method is in tune. So hey, as followers of the futurist, they’ve succeeded. – By Helen Armfield

In Solitude – Sister

Sister lifts you up and kicks you out into the world. – By Helen Armfield

Týr – Valkyrja

Valkyrja is a perfect representation of the metal genre. But it’s also prog, a song cycle, oratorio, or indeed a romantic era ballet opera. – By Helen Armfield

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