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Shineback – Dial

Simon Godfrey returns with the second Shineback album. And it’s spectacular.

Sepultura – Machine Messiah

A corker of an album that made me realise what I fool I have been.

Dorje – Centred and One

Dorje are back with their second EP and it’s just a tiny bit bloody special. – By John Sturm

Frost* – Falling Satellites

This is, hands down, my album of the year. Yes, we’re only in May, but the way this album affects me emotionally, the music contained within it, the performances…. it will not get better than this. – By John Sturm

Interview: Dorje

John Sturm caught up with Dorje before their show in Cardiff for a chat about social media, the financial implications of touring, influences and a question of biscuits.

Live Review: Dorje – The Globe, Cardiff. November 22nd, 2015.

Hot on the heels on their iTunes chart bothering, self-released, EP ‘Catalyst’, Dorje roll into Cardiff bringing with them a blend of Extreme, Incubus, Soundgarden and Metallica. John Sturm was there to review the gig.

Dorje – Catalyst

Dorje are one of the UK’s best kept secrets. But not for long if they keep releasing music this good. – By John Sturm

Paradise Lost – The Plague Within

Sounding as vital as they ever did, this record further cements Paradise Lost’s legacy of excellence. It’s heavy, dark, doomy, gothic, haunting, lyrical…. – By John Sturm

Von Hertzen Brothers – New Day Rising

Von Hertzen Brothers have truly recognised what makes them so unique and there are times on this album that it’s hard to believe that these guys aren’t the biggest band in the world. – By John Sturm

Iron Hearse – Deal With It

A great album by a great band: doomy, punky, heavy and groovy. Read this. Then go buy the album. – By John Sturm

EtHERSENS – Your Wandering Ghost

Melodic, heavy and massively rewarding. EtHERSENS offer up a progressive gem. – By John Sturm

Down – IV (Part 2)

Down unleash riff after riff into your poor little ears. And it is glorious. – By John Sturm

Sergeant Thunderhoof – Zigurat

Riff-laden, groove-filled, foot-stomping and bowel-loosening. The Hoof unleash some excellence on your ears. – By John Sturm

Nebelung – Palingenesis

No words, just emotive, startling and wonderful soul-searching music. – By John Sturm

You Win Again Gravity – Brightly Coloured Landscapes

Beauty and ugliness rolled into one that manages to uplift and make you mosh at the same time. – By John Sturm.

Interview: John Wesley

John Sturm asked John Wesley, who has worked live with Porcupine Tree, and as a co-writer with ex-Marillion singer Fish, some questions about his new solo album Disconnect.

Black Blitz – Louder Than Thunder

Groove, swagger, rock and roll…. what more could you want? – By John Sturm

Dope Out – Bad Seeds

A strong, solid debut album featuring lots of hooks, lots of bits that crowds can sing and enough heavy guitars to satisfy most metal heads. – By John Sturm

John Wesley – Disconnect

An album that displays a musician at the peak of his powers. Breathtaking in scope and design. – By John Sturm

Blackbird – Of Heroes And Enemies

It’s not revolutionary. It won’t need a new sub-genre. It’s hard rock at its finest. – By John Sturm.

Bigelf – Into The Maelstrom

Bigelf return and with their most melodic, poppy, heavy, proggy album to date. Welcome back gents. – By John Sturm

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