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The Haunted – Eye of the Storm

Any fan of The Haunted’s first four albums will find plenty to enjoy on this new 3-track single. – By Ryan Stephenson

Pentagram Chile – The Malefice

And you guys thought Gorguts took forever to put out a new album…- By Ryan Stephenson

Interview: Aidan Baker and Dorian Williamson from Adoran

Ryan Stephenson talks to Aidan Baker and Dorian Williamson from Adoran about their doom/sludge project, the music industry and other things.

Agnes Vein – Soulship

A little DOOM never hurt nobody! – By Ryan Stephenson

Leila Abdul-Rauf – Cold and Cloud

She who has no fear shall rise above the competition. – By Ryan Stephenson

Vasaeleth – All Uproarious Darkness

The best 19 minutes of punishment you will endure this year. – By Ryan Stephenson

Ephemeros – All Hail Corrosion

Warning: Listen alone at your own risk. – By Ryan Stephenson

Anagnorisis – Beyond All Light

The picture painted is bleak, yet it is beautiful. Savage and spiteful, from front to back.- By Ryan Stephenson

Outer Gods – Light Dims Eternal

Listen at night at your own risk. But do enjoy thoroughly if you chose to do so. – ByRyan Stephenson

Unmothered – Unmothered

30 Minute EP? Some bands albums aren’t that long!! But I like you, I’ll let this go for now.- By Ryan Stephenson

Obsidian Tongue – A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time

Maybe time needs a cough-drop or something. That can’t feel good. – By Ryan Stephenson

True Widow – Circumambulation

There’s a new feel good hit of the summer…- By Ryan Stephenson

Live: Hivelords & Sadgiqacea. The Polack Inn, Wausau WI. July 18th 2013.

“Shit was getting hot all up in that little room!” By Ryan Stephenson

Vestiges / Panopticon – Vestiges / Panopticon

Play by your own rules. Rules both Vestiges and Panopticon continue to follow. – By Ryan Stephenson

Hivelords – Cavern Apothecary

I didn’t even know what an apothecary was until I was, like, 13. Sue me. – By Ryan Stephenson

Unaussprechlichen Kulten / Godless – Split 7″

They say hell is hot. You better put your shorts on and pack the sunscreen… – By Ryan Stephenson

Pyres – Year Of Sleep

Canada strike again!!! – By Ryan Stephenson

Haiduk – Spellbook

I reviewed this too late for Canada Day, didn’t I? Damnit!! – By Ryan Stephenson

Infera Bruo – Desolate Unknown

Unknown for now, but that shouldn’t last long with an album this amazing. – By Ryan Stephenson

Peacemaker – Cult .45

Peacemaker have made a dirty and exciting album that packs punch and doesn’t overstay its welcome. – By Ryan Stephenson

Beyond – Fatal Power of Death

Round and round she goes, and where she stops… I’m terrible at this. – By Ryan Stephenson

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