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Conjurer – I

A band to watch for sure. I can see them being leaders in the UK metal scene in no time at all. – By Scott Bowden

Birds In Row / WAITC – Split

If this is the first time you are hearing of Birds In Row, you will be making a great decision by looking here first. I will also be checking out more WAITC to see what else they have to offer. – By Scott Bowden

Loma Prieta – Self Portrait

Loma Prieta have crafted and captured their most honest and passionate album of their career so far. They have finally found a balance that works for them, and it shows. The album is engaging on every level, and offers something new, yet faithful for old fans to cherish. – By Scott Bowden

Interview: CHRCH

Scott Bowden had a short Q&A with Sacramento doom band CHRCH asking about the band’s history, their gear and the Sacramento music scene.

Kowloon Walled City – Grievances

This is immersive, heavy, clean, brutal, beautiful and quite literally tone city for every single instrument. It’s like you are in the same room as the band. – By Scott Bowden

Drowning Horse – Sheltering Sky

This album is like a journey into a deep, dark abyss that swallows you whole, and rarely lets you come up to gasp for breath. – By Scott Bowden

CHRCH – Unanswered Hymns

Contender for doom album of the year, and highly recommended if you like it low, fuzzy, heavy, melodic and soaked in blackened brine. – By Scott Bowden

Windhand – Grief’s Infernal Flower

It’s a solid album, just nothing that is breaking boundaries. It just doesn’t quite make it into the territory that ‘Soma’ occupies. – By Scott Bowden

Interview: Rob Moran from Unbroken

Following Scott Bowden’s recent write up of the reissue of the Unbroken ‘And/Fall on Proverb’ 7”, Scott sent scene legend Rob Moran some questions to find out some answers he’s always wanted to know.

Myrkur – M

‘M’ will hopefully stand as a prelude of what is to come because although it isn’t quite pushing any new boundaries, it is a solid homage to some great bands and a style that transcends typical classification. – By Scott Bowden

Riwen – The Cold

A full on assault of no frills, bullshit free hardcore, and it is done admirably well. A solid nod to a golden era of metallic hardcore, definitely worth checking out. – By Scott Bowden

Funerary / Ooze – Split

One of the most irresistible and best head banging moments that I have experienced since ‘Dopesmoker’ was reissued. Excellent. – By Scott Bowden

Unbroken – And/Fall on Proverb

With the re-release on the And/Fall on Proverb 7 inch, Three One G Records have released old words for a new generation to call their own, and in a scene that is now stagnating and over saturated with copy cats, Unbroken are still the real deal. – By Scott Bowden

Cloud Rat – Qliphoth

With ‘Qliphoth’, Cloud Rat manage to bring a downright impressive and enviable amount of collective influences to the table. This is the sound and blueprint of a band who are becoming champions of the genre. – By Scott Bowden

Sunset In The 12th House – Mozaic

This is a very strong debut release from Sunset in the 12th House, and I can see pretty great things coming from this band in the future once they figure out exactly what it is that they are all about. This one is definitely worth a listen. – By Scott Bowden

Interview: Scott Endres and Spencer Lee from MAKE

Scott Bowden caught up with Scott and Spencer from North Carolina’s MAKE on a more personal level to discuss the new album ‘The Golden Veil’ in a little more depth, their plans for the future and more.

MAKE – The Golden Veil

Everything sounds consistent, thought out and is executed wonderfully. It’s crushing when it is heavy, it’s full of space when it is ambient and it’s even psychedelic enough when it wants to be. – By Scott Bowden

envy – Atheist’s Cornea

This is the album that this band have been destined to make for their entire career. It manages to combine the best elements from all of their previous efforts, all done to a very high standard, and at times throughout, better than they ever have previously. – By Scott Bowden

Throat – Short Circuit

The combination of influences mixed with the band’s take on the noise rock sound creates an almost new beast. – By Scott Bowden

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