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Hyper-distorted drone doom, glitchy electronica over hip-hop beats, sparse acoustic guitar that sounds like a bleeping Casio, blackened howls with downright funky delivery... there isn't much you WON'T hear on Warguts, the sixth release from Toronto's attention-deficit psychopaths eyeswithoutaface.

'War Will Set You Free' immediately plunges you straight into the horror, the introductory sample and echoing guitar setting just one of many horrifying scenes you'll journey through on this recording. Coming across like some sort of soundtrack to PTSD, the militaristic vibe is heightened by the use of instruments as weapons; an assault on your psyche.


'Devachan; or, The Cohesive Hole' sounds like if you had RZA produce Gnaw Their Tongues as they dabbled in gabber. Yeah. The track closes out with a haunting sample, before 'Dead Friends' kicks off with the sort of massive bass sound that actually makes dubstep sound palatable in comparison. A mangled, broken 'riff' of sorts limps around like a wounded soldier throughout the fringes of the track, while the vocals sound like a gaggle of Alan Dubin's having a glass gargling contest in the distance. It's absolutely horrible, and it's fucking meant to be.

This confrontational approach characterises the rest of the album as well; there is literally not a single moment of comfort or respite throughout this trawl through the darkest depths of every filthy genre music has spawned so far. You are not meant to enjoy this. To be honest, if you use the word 'enjoy' about anything for at least a week after the final notes of ultimate track 'Grotesque Tableau' die out, you should probably seek counselling.

Astoundingly, despite the plethora of weird and wonderful sounds on offer throughout Warguts, the band's kitchen sink approach never sounds ridiculous or overly-ambitious. Rather they manage to blend these disparate sounds into something which may be impossible to classify, but is never anything less than a captivating listen. The band's fascination with texture, tone, tempo and terror is so interesting that you'll have no choice but to sit back, strap yourself in, and prepare for the loudest ride of your life.

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