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I’m a freelance writer/blogger that started doing reviews nine years ago. I’m a fan of Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, and Jazz Rock. Also a musician for 20 years. Music has been my friend since listening to the Beatles when I was a little boy. It wasn’t until I discovered Pink Floyd 20 years ago and it changed my life. Geek also, but the Progressive genre has still kept me going from day one. And there’s no stop sign for me. I also have a blog site in which I also do reviews since 2008 entitled, Music from the Other Side of the Room.

Articles by Zachary Nathanson

The Witching Tale – The Witching Tale

The Witching Tale’s music may not be everyone’s cup of tea per se, but it becomes a candle-lit wonder that’ll make you want to go back and re-listen to their debut again and again to see what you’ve been missing.

Tim Bowness – Butterfly Mind

This isn’t just a prog album, this is a mysterious solitaire.

Klaus Schulze – Deus Arrakis

With Deus Arrakis, Klaus has finally come full circle.

Various Artists – PROG presents: Karisma Records

Karisma Records uses the prog-rock cookbook very well to bring us delicious dinners that is worth our appetite.

D’Virgilio, Morse & Jennings – Troika

Troika is a fine release from InsideOut Music. It shows some of the principal consistencies that the trio have unfolded to the public. And it proves that they had reached their goals from who they really are and getting down to business.

Machine Mass Sextet – Intrusion

A free-for-all spectacle that’ll hit your stomach with a massive punch.

Kevin Kastning & Laszlo Gardony – Levitation I

With ‘Levitation I’, he has finally reached the mountain top and showing where the next adventure he and Laszlo will come in another chapter of their stories together.

Winter in Eden – Social Fake

Social Fake showcases Winter in Eden at their finest. They have those cinematic approaches into tighter subplots that are well-structured and right on target….they walked on that tightrope very carefully and not to fall to their doom.

Adrian Belew – Elevator

Elevator is Belew’s message to let everyone come outside and not be cooped up in their house or apartment with cabin fever panic attacks and finally redeem themselves from all of the crazy shit they had to endure during those two years. And for Adrian, he’s still keeping that electric spark glowing.

Voïvod – Forgotten In Space: The Noise Records Years

Yes they were outsiders when they first started, yes they were overlooked in the speed and thrash metal genre, but after 40 years, Voïvod are still going stronger than ever before!

God Is An Astronaut – The Beginning of the End

The 20th anniversary live release of their debut album is like you’re inside the band at the studio watching in awe of the band’s revitalising creation that has enough massive amounts of power which will have your jaws dropped like there’s no tomorrow!

Haiku Funeral – Drown Their Moons In Blood

Haiku Funeral’s music may not be everyone’s cup of tea per se, but what they’ve done is to bring the themes about the end of the world in front of our eyes.

Oceans of Slumber – Starlight and Ash

Oceans of Slumber have brought in all of the ingredients to the kitchen table with strong sense of flavours that are impossible to ignore.

The Tangent – Songs from the Hard Shoulder

….the big-dipper that they unveiled this summer. And it is a roller-coaster ride that’ll have your adrenaline pumped up and ready to go.

Birth – Born

Born is like an enormous hallucinated flower ready to be bloomed at any second to reveal its true power in front of the entire public that they never seen before with parallel worlds that are about to be explored.

Charlie Griffiths – Tiktaalika

Charlie Griffiths has delivered the goods on his solo debut.

Robert Fripp – Exposure

Yes it is challenging, yes it is punky, yes this is Fripp going beyond the Futuristic voyages from the golden-era of Crimson from 69 to 74, but Exposure is an album that’ll grab your heart and tug it so hard, that you can’t let go of it. This reissue that DGM has unleashed this year, will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final curtain call will drop.

Graywave – Rebirth

Rebirth isn’t just a marvelous EP, but a dark and beautiful structure of a blossoming unveiling that Jess brings to her exhibition. It’s like one of her paintings has come to life and has become this imaginative movie that she’s unveiled to the public.

The Utopia Strong – International Treasure

The Utopia Strong’s alternate score for an imaginative movie takes listeners and yogi’s a chance to confront their darker past and proceeding to press on and looking into the times ahead.

Steve Reich – Reich / Richter

With bits of detail that’ll keep you hypnotise until the very end, Richter’s pixelating images to the composition is an exhibition you’ll never forget.

Robert Fripp – Washington Square Church

It gives a sense of freedom, carte blanche, and taking ideas of building up the musical structures, one step at a time….quite an exploration to see what Fripp was doing during those time frames at the beginning of the ‘80s.

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