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I’m a freelance writer/blogger that started doing reviews nine years ago. I’m a fan of Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, and Jazz Rock. Also a musician for 20 years. Music has been my friend since listening to the Beatles when I was a little boy. It wasn’t until I discovered Pink Floyd 20 years ago and it changed my life. Geek also, but the Progressive genre has still kept me going from day one. And there’s no stop sign for me. I also have a blog site in which I also do reviews since 2008 entitled, Music from the Other Side of the Room.

Articles by Zachary Nathanson

Jana Irmert – The Soft Bit

Jana always takes the listener beyond time and space with a neo-noir futuristic twist.

Jack O’ the Clock – Leaving California

Leaving California is quite a departure from Jack O’ the Clock’s previous music.

Mahogany Frog – In The Electric Universe

Mahogany Frog’s latest release may divide a line in the sand. Either you get it or you don’t.

Danny Elfman – Big Mess

Big Mess is Danny’s return to being weird again.

Penfriend – Exotic Monsters

Exotic Monsters is a movie inside your head.

Mike Barnes – A New Day Yesterday: UK Progressive Rock & The 1970s

It shows that at times Prog is more than just a four letter word.

Tom Newman – A Faerie Symphony II

It is staggering, hypnotic, weird, romantic, surreal, and mind-blowing.

Dwiki Dharmawan – Hari Ketiga

Hari Ketiga may not be for the faint of heart.

Annie Hart – Everything Pale Blue

Showcases a surreal beauty into the unknown passageways of our solar system.

CAN – Live in Stuttgart 1975

This live recording has finally kicked the door down to see what the archives of unheard live material will have in store for us.

Laura Meade – The Most Dangerous Woman in America

The Most Dangerous Woman in America is probably going to be one of the most controversial albums released this year.

Jess and the Ancient Ones – Vertigo

Vertigo is a heart pounding return for Jess and the Ancient Ones. It shows that while they’ve been around for 11 years, they are one of the most intensive, scariest, terrifying, and mind-blowing bands I’ve listened to.

Anthony Garone – Failure To Fracture

Anthony Garone, founder of Make Weird Music, started this 22 year ride by tackling of the most insane compositions written by Robert Fripp.

Echoes of the Past: Jon Anderson – Song of Seven

An unsung masterpiece

Fanfare For The Uncommon Man: The Official Keith Emerson Tribute Concert

This live album wasn’t just an event with an incredible line-up, but a family occasion to have Keith’s legacy go full circle.

Kayak – Out of this World

Out of this World, it is not just a story-structured album brought to life, but an epic movie that we’ve been waiting for by getting away from the Marvel cinematic universe and into something special and mind-blowing.

Illuminae – Dark Horizons

A 2D animated metal opera brought to life.

Renaissance – 50th Anniversary Ashes Are Burning: An Anthology – Live in Concert

The story of the band’s history is now completely recorded live.

Stephan Thelen – Fractal Guitar 2

Who knows what he will think of next. He is still the mad scientist of arranging and composition.

Echoes of the Past: Magma – Bourges 1979

Bourges 1979 is to be played at maximum volume.

Field Music – Flat White Moon

It’s joyous, fun, surreal, and ready to go.

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