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I’m a freelance writer/blogger that started doing reviews nine years ago. I’m a fan of Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, and Jazz Rock. Also a musician for 20 years. Music has been my friend since listening to the Beatles when I was a little boy. It wasn’t until I discovered Pink Floyd 20 years ago and it changed my life. Geek also, but the Progressive genre has still kept me going from day one. And there’s no stop sign for me. I also have a blog site in which I also do reviews since 2008 entitled, Music from the Other Side of the Room.

Articles by Zachary Nathanson

Jon Durant & Stephan Thelen – Crossings

It’s not just an experimental album, but a calm during the heavy storms that we badly needed.

The Amorphous Androgynous & Peter Hammill – We Persuade Ourselves, We Are Immortal

I will say this once, and I will say it again, it is their own imaginative 2D animated space rock opera that is out of this world!

Edge of Paradise – The Unknown

The Unknown is Edge of Paradise’s imaginative movie brought to life

Proud Peasant – Peasantsongs

Despite the hiatus, it’s a relief to know that there’s a lot of spirit inside them

Mythopoeic Mind – Hatchling

Hatchling is quite a departure from their debut album. It showed that while they have a bit of a symphonic route, they also wanted to add some of the real good pop orientations.

Alice Hubble – Hexentanzplatz

Hexentanzplatz is Hubble’s growing continuation to spread her wings flying for more ideas that are waiting to be unveiled

Van Der Graaf Generator – The Charisma Years: 1970-1978

The Charisma Years is an incredible box set of a band that never got the recognition they deserve. And now, it is time to raise our Sherries and raise a toast to the Sleepwalking Man-Erg Pioneers of Lighthouse Killers!

Comet Control – Inside The Sun

They have taken the genre into a breaking rule book momentum that screams out with pure motherfucking vengeance! So if you want to go for a ride with Comet Control’s music, turn this mo-fo up really, really loud! Because Comet Control’s Inside the Sun is the cosmic voyage that we’ve been waiting for!

Trifecta – Fragments

While we’re still going through these tricky times, Trifecta has given us a chance to come inside their house and enjoy the party

Sally Decker – In The Tender Dream

In The Tender Dream may not be everyone’s cup of coffee per se, but for Sally, she has broken the rule book into big pieces.

Be-Bop Deluxe – Live! In The Air Age

But 44 years later Live! In The Air Age is quite the revelation. It’s not just the original live album, but the live recordings that are on this box set, will give you a historical momentum on how much the band went through.

NMB – Innocence & Danger

It may take a few listens, but it’s quite a bit of departure to understand that the NMB are more than just a conceptual rock band.

Steve Hackett – Surrender of Silence

Recorded during the lockdown, Steve himself can still pack a punch like no other. But at times, he is like the mad scientist on his new album.

Kal-El – Dark Majesty

It may be challenging at times, but Dark Majesty is like the comic book story that we really needed, right before our eyes.

Leslie Hunt – Ascend

She is doing her own thing, and there’s not a single stop sign for her.

Witchcryer – When Their Gods Come For You

Witchcryer aren’t just the real deal, they’ve poured their hearts and soul unleashing their second album.

Dee Snider – Leave A Scar

Leave A Scar, the follow-up to his 2018 solo release, exhibits Dee’s return with more blood and guts!

Emily Wolfe – Outlier

Outlier is Emily Wolfe’s icing on the cake.

Leila Abdul-Rauf – Phantasiai

Leila’s new album is a movie inside your mind.

Lucy Spraggan – Choices

Lucy Spraggan has taken the pop genre to a whole new level through various forms of music.

The Sparks Brothers Documentary

they fit in at the right moment at the right time.

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