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I’m a freelance writer/blogger that started doing reviews nine years ago. I’m a fan of Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, and Jazz Rock. Also a musician for 20 years. Music has been my friend since listening to the Beatles when I was a little boy. It wasn’t until I discovered Pink Floyd 20 years ago and it changed my life. Geek also, but the Progressive genre has still kept me going from day one. And there’s no stop sign for me. I also have a blog site in which I also do reviews since 2008 entitled, Music from the Other Side of the Room.

Articles by Zachary Nathanson

Iro Haarla Electric Ensemble – What Will We Leave Behind – Images from Planet Earth

Like a Jackson Pollock painting brought to life, the Ensemble work together as a team to bring the album to life…an achieving release from the Svart Records label. It has a strong sense of mystery, terror, and rising from the ashes. Iro has come a long way from the classical and jazz world.

Echoes of the Past: Mandoki Soulmates – Living in the Gap + Hungarian Pictures

Mandoki Soulmates’ music may not be everyone’s cup of tea per se, but this double album is quite an adventure. . .

Moon Machine – Moon Machine

Eric Hochwald, Jon Sirota, and Angel Castillo of Moon Machine are like space cadets taking listeners beyond our universe.

Birth – Birth

Birth’s debut self-titled EP is the Prog-Rock voyage we have been waiting for.

Regal Worm – The Hideous Goblink

When you hear an album title like that, it grabs you unexpectedly very quickly. It almost sounds like a Ren and Stimpy short during the space adventure period during the first season as Commander Hoek and Cadet Stimpy are hurling through the cosmos once more. For Regal Worm, they have become a giant battering ram waiting to burst through the door down with a hardcore punch!

Ashley Shadow – Only The End

She really brings a lot of energy and brainstorming ideas that she’s brought to Only The End. It is a compelling release that will be talked about in the years to come.

Ela Minus – Acts of Rebellion

Ela brings her debut like a blooming flower ready to explode. Not only she’s warming up, but she’s got enough magic tricks up her sleeve, hopefully for the next follow-up in the roaring ‘20s.

Alina Valentina – Works and Days

And while this is her first album, she is just getting started. Because this is only just the beginning to see what she will think of next in the years to come throughout the roaring ‘20s.

CAN – Live in Brighton 1975

Live in Brighton 1975 is a wow moment. It’s another archival release that CAN has unleashed since the Stuttgart recording was unleashed back in May of this year. I hope there will be more to come…a knock-out punch. It is so hardcore, the roller-coaster ride has only just begun.

Kornmo – Fimbulvinter

Norway knows their prog very well. Whether it’s White Willow, Ring Van Mobius, Elephant9, Gazpacho, or Wobbler, Kornmo are soon going to be on my list in the years to come.

Jack Ellister – Lichtpyramide II

This is quite a journey that Ellister has brought inside his crystal ball by showing us the 22nd and 23rd century. And it is fantastic, weird, and surreal…And this is quite the Post-Thanksgiving present that we need after we fill up all that Turkey and Cranberry Sauce filled with LSD and hallucinated mushrooms.

Various Artists – Animals Reimagined: A Tribute to Pink Floyd

The question that I have for the label is this, if you want to honor Pink Floyd’s music, why make it this way? Animals Reimagined is the modern answer to the 1990 flop, The Bonfire of the Vanities

Electric Eye – Horizons

Capturing the haunting spirits that is quite an evidential punch, Horizons takes listeners beyond the horizontal scopes of Acid-Prog, Psychedelic, Garage-Rock, and Ominous post-rock vibrations between the late ‘70s and early ‘80s…It maybe weird, but man these guys know what the hell they’re doing. And they can take it up a notch to hurl through the cosmos with sub-light speed.

Octarine Sky – Close to Nearby

Close to Nearby is quite the story-telling / instrumental trip that Octarine Sky (Potter’s Daughter) have unleashed this year by bringing these ideas to life. This is how an album should be told. Filled with passion, heart, energy, brutal forces, and epic adventures. Octarine Sky is the real deal!

Burnt Belief – Mutual Isolation

Mutual Isolation is an intriguing release that combines world sounding beauty, dreamscapes, and sinister overtones that is like a flower revealing its true plan to the entire world.

Donner – Hesitant Light

Jacob Holm-Lupo puts you inside the visual imagery by embarking on the next voyage that awaits moviegoers with an enormous surround sound inside the theatre.

Molybaron – The Mutiny

The Mutiny is a big giant roller-coaster ride Molybaron created from scratch. This band will keep the fires burning more and more in the years to come. I can imagine there’s a massive shitload of 900 megawatts with pure metallic energy inside their veins. So turn this mo-fo up to a maximum volume level at a hundred!

Sarah Perrotta – Blue To Gold

Sarah has come a long, long way. She has proven to be one of the most incredible artists that I’ve listened to. She proves that she isn’t just a genre artist, but taking it a step further. Blue To Gold is a story-telling album at its finest. And I hope to hear more from her in the years to come.

Slödder – Slödder

Holy shit in a fucking handbag! This is a motherfucker of all motherfuckers and they’re really fucking good!

A Pale Horse Named Death – Infernum In Terra

A Pale Horse Name Death have opened the flood gates and bring their new album as a Frankenstein ready to kill in a bloody gore fest like no other!

Syndone – Kama Sutra

Syndone’s music always makes want to prepare for the danger that awaits me. And for Kama Sutra, this was the next logical step for the group to push that envelope even further.

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