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Ever since I discovered my Dad’s Doors and Alice Cooper records, I have had an all encompassing passion for music. I attended my first gig (The Almighty) in 1994 and have been attending gigs all over the world ever since. I have always been into the heavier side of music but have definite eclectic tastes. hardcore, grindcore, death metal, punk, sludge metal, hip hop and doom are some of favourites but if it’s good I’ll give it a listen and am always on the lookout for new bands, artists and albums. Reviewing albums and gigs is a big passion for me too and am always on the lookout to do more and more.

Articles by Gavin Brown


Gavin Brown talked with HIRAKI about their new album ‘Stumbling Through The Walls’ and its creation process as well as how HIRAKI have evolved as a group musically, their influences, utilising visual impact and intense live shows.

Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse

Gavin Brown caught up with Cannibal Corpse bass player Alex Webster to hear all about ‘Violence Unimagined’ and its creation and the unorthodox method this album took in its recording process as well as the band’s new lineup, and much, much more.

Bobby Liebling and Sonny Vincent from The Limit

Gavin Brown spoke to Bobby Liebling and Sonny Vincent from The Limit to hear all about their album ‘Caveman Logic’, how The Limit started as a band as well and their vision as The Limit and much more.

Xiu Xiu – OH NO

OH NO is an atmospheric and forward thinking album that cements Xiu Xiu as an outfit that are constantly pushing their music forward and with a choice selection of guest artists adding so much variation.

Cameron Boggs from Sanguisugabogg

Gavin Brown caught up with guitarist Cameron Boggs from Sanguisugabogg to hear all about their new album ‘Tortured Whole’ being unleashed on the world and much more.

Bryce Seditz from Plaguewielder

Gavin Brown spoke Plaguewielder’s vocalist / guitarist Bryce Seditz to hear all about Covenant Death and its creation as well as the pandemic and the effect on Plaguewielder, US black metal, covering the notorious GG Allin and his most influential albums.


Gavin Brown caught up with the members of Cryptosis to hear all about their new album ‘Bionic Swarm’ as the music videos that accompany tracks from ‘Bionic Swarm’, concept albums, science fiction and the history of Cryptosis as a band.

Gentleman’s Dub Club – Down To Earth

It is definitely refreshing to hear an album so full of the positive vibes and positive thoughts that this record has.

Lars Nedland from White Void

Gavin Brown had a chat with Lars Nedland from White Void to hear all about the band and their latest album Anti, the videos and visual element of the music as well as what  his other bands Solefald and Borknagar have coming up and how he fits all his musical projects in.

Mike IX Williams from Eyehategod

Gavin Brown caught up with Eyehategod vocalist Mike IX Williams to hear all about the band’s new album and its creation as well as his other musical projects, touring with Napalm Death before the pandemic, his book and much more.

Genghis Tron – Dream Weapon

This marks a bold new direction in the evolution of Genghis Tron and it will be both interesting and exciting to see how they will develop further with this direction.

Adam Zaars from Tribulation

Gavin Brown caught up with Tribulation guitarist Adam Zaars to hear about the new album ‘Where The Gloom Becomes Sound’, the band’s line-up changes and how it feels like a new beginning for Tribulation, music videos and the influence of film, the return of live shows and how they have changed as a band since they unleashed their debut album.


Gavin Brown talked to Gravesend to hear all about their new album ‘Methods Of Human Disposal’, how it all came together and what shaped and inspired the album as well as the band’s previous material that led to the new album and much more.

Mathieu ‘Vil’ Vilandré from Fuck The Facts

Gavin Brown caught up with Fuck The Facts drummer Mathieu ‘Vil’ Vilandré to hear all about Pleine Noirceur and its creation as well as the return of Fuck The Facts in the middle of a pandemic and the effect that has had on the band, the new video for the song ‘Dropping Like Flies’, split releases, memorable gigs and the band’s journey through grindcore.

Chad Green from Frozen Soul

Gavin Brown caught up with Frozen Soul’s vocalist Chad Green to hear all about the album as well as the band’s early days and influences and what else they have coming up this year.

Martin van Drunen from Asphyx

Gavin Brown had a chat with Asphyx vocalist Martin van Drunen to discuss all things Necroceros and Asphyx including their new video, livestream, tentative touring plans and playing live in a pandemic as well as his time in fellow death metal bands Pestilence and Bolt Thrower.

Diva Satanica from Nervosa

Gavin Brown caught up with Nervosa singer Diva Satanica to talk about the return of the band and their new album Perpetual Chaos including how the album came to be during the pandemic and much more.

Ionophore (+ Exclusive Album Premiere)

Ionophore play dark, ambient music and this is personified on their brilliant new album Knells which they are just about to release. Gavin Brown has a chat with the band to find out more.

Clem Burke from The Empty Hearts / Blondie

Gavin Brown had a chat with Clem Burke, drummer of The Empty Hearts and Blondie, about the band’s legacy, his career as a musician, the New York scene he was part of that centred around CBGBs and his brief stint as drummer of the Ramones and much more.

Graham Scala and Ian Miller from Collapse Culture

Gavin Brown caught up with both members of Collapse Culture to talk about their new self-titled album and how they came together as well as inspirational electronic music, remixes and what both Graham and Ian’s other projects have got coming up in the future.

Coffins / Depression – Split

Coffins and Depression have a mutual respect for each other and this split demonstrates that perfectly and fans of the purest and rawest forms of death metal will find plenty to love here and will salute both bands and their songs of sublime brutality.

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